An elephant stairs Deon De Villiers down at Qorokwe Camp Botswana

Susan Lock

Destination Specialist / Safari Planner

Safari Guru Suse

Safari Guru Susan is passionate about the bush, animals, wildlife in general and conservation. She has fueled this passion exploring Africa independently and spent literally hundreds of days on safari. She’s the real deal bush girl but not adverse to a little luxury here and there and is a passionate advocate of many parts of the African continent. Volunteering, visiting and donating where possible and has made many contacts, acquaintances and friends in the conservation and safari industry. Never happier than when in the bush or on safari, g & t in hand – she wants safari to be fun!

A lawyer by trade – previously a partner in a law firm – she’s excited enough to thoroughly research the continent and has a wealth of knowledge about safaris and the industry in general. A meticulous planner by nature she’ll ensure your trip is perfect in every way.

safari guru susan lock

She also has family and roots in Kenya and Zambia. She aims to excite as many people as possible about safari and encourage them to visit and explore parts of Africa; to show our clients the magnificence of the bush, wildlife and people of the continent. Particular loves are Kenya, her favourite place overall is Mana Pools National Park on the Zambezi, Zimbabwe.

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