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While there are many primates to experience in Africa, some in savannah-based safari regions, chimpanzees and gorillas are the main attractions for any primate-based safari.

To fully benefit from the best primate interactions, it’s essential to manage the primate experiences safari planning meticulously and carefully.

Primate Experience

These primates are limited to several small pockets along the continents equatorial regions; however, populations have been affected over decades of civil unrest and hunting.

Luckily a few strongholds of these magnificent animals are being protected in some of Africa’s wilderness areas, including National Parks and Reserves in East Africa.

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By letting us plan your journey, we’ll share our wealth of knowledge in primate experiences safari planning and the best primate safari national parks, luxury safari lodges and accommodations, and tours and packages to suit your needs – let’s start planning!

Some regions have been sharing this intelligent wildlife phenomenon for many years, and positive tourism impacts have significantly impacted localised animal populations and their conservation activities.




Some regions have been sharing this intelligent wildlife phenomenon for many years, and positive tourism impacts have had a great result on localised animal populations and their conservation activities. One of the newest and most exciting regions to come online with lowland gorilla experiences is Rwanda, and already, the impact has been hugely rewarding for the species and the people of this reviving destination.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda shares a border with Volcanoes National Park of

Rwanda, forming part of the greater Virunga Mountains and its chain of volcanoes. It is here that gorilla experiences have been appreciated for many years, yet often considered a more strenuous trekking destination, as the day’s treks can be more challenging and longer.

Tanzania is our go-to destination for chimpanzees and offers some of the most exhilarating viewings of these animals that have been protected and habituated for several years.

Explore each destination included in our East African Primate travel itineraries, and enjoy a small sample yet personalised selection of accommodation properties for each location.

Primate Experience


Mahale, Tanzania

Mahale Mountains National Park is accessible all year round and is a stronghold for some of Africa’s last remaining Chimps.

Attractions include the Mahale mountain range, forest species, including Angola colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, forest birds, alpine bamboo and lush montane rain forest etc…

A chimpanzee at Greystoke, Mahale National Park
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda; Bisate luxury lodge sits on a hillside in Rwanda


The optimistic energy of the people has earned their country the moniker ‘Remarkable Rwanda’, and it regularly features on ‘must-visit’ lists.

Rwanda is a rainforest haven and one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions but, of course, its most celebrated wild mammal is the iconic, critically endangered mountain gorilla. Affectionately known as, “Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda offers a uniquely comprehensive experience, from rainforest and imposing volcanic peaks to East Africa styled safari, having outstanding scenic savannah dotted with floodplains.

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