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World Veterinary Association Congress Safari

Discover the allure of Africa, a land adorned with breathtaking beauty and a wealth of captivating wildlife. If your journey leads you to this remarkable continent for the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress 2024, why not seize the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable safari expedition through the mesmerising wilderness with Safari Guru?

Extend your stay and immerse yourself in a quick, effortless, and rewarding safari adventure. Safari Guru invites you to experience the enchantment of iconic game reserves, complete with luxurious and classic safari camp accommodations, in some of Africa's most diverse wilderness areas, including Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Carefully chosen to provide authentic safari encounters in some of Africa's most pristine destinations, these accommodations allow you to fully embrace the region's abundant biodiversity.

World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Elephant Okavango Delta
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Lion Okavango Delta by Deon De Villiers Safari Guru

Explore Safari Guru's meticulously crafted assortment of Southern Africa post, or pre-conference safari ideas, which offer an exquisite range of mid-range to high-end accommodation options in BotswanaSouth Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Whether you yearn for indulgence and pampering to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul or seek specialised activities like wildlife photography and walking safaris, our selection of safari lodges ensures you can savour the wonders of Africa's wildlife without compromising your professional commitments.

While some luxury safaris cost more than a family sedan, Safari Guru has carefully selected a handful of mid-range safari destinations for the World Veterinary Association Congress attendees and their friends and family to offer a well-rounded and classic safari experience in some of Africa's last remaining wilderness areas.

The 39th World Veterinary Association Congress 2024 will be held in Cape Town, bringing together some of the world's top veterinary surgeons between 16 April and 19 April 2024 at the International Convention Centre. 

Each journey offers daily connections by air from Cape Town or Johannesburg, providing seamless travel connections for each hand-crafted safari itinerary. Safaris designed for Veterinary Association Congress attendees guarantee that post-conference, you will be sipping chilled sundowners, overlooking the magnificent African savannah within hours of escaping the crowds.

World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Canoe Safari
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Impala Sunset Okavango Delta Deon De Villiers Safari Guru
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Giraffe Mombo Camp Deon De Villiers Safari Guru
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Leopard Okavango Delta
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Antelope Okavango Delta Deon De Villiers Safari Guru
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Hippo Okavango Delta
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Lion Hunting Buffalo Deon De Villiers Safari Guru
World Veterinary Association Congress Safari Baobab Okavango Delta Deon De Villiers Safari Guru


Botswana boasts many world-renown luxury safari properties, ranging from the classic, authentic canvas camps to the uber-luxurious offerings; still, all share the wildlife spectacle this remarkable country has to offer.

This wildlife-rich destination comprises a few iconic safari locations, but none as prominent as the Okavango Delta, a World Heritage Site listed in June 2014.

Botswana safari would not be complete without a trip into the iconic Okavango Delta. More specifically, if possible, the Moremi National Park at the heart of the Delta. Exploring the Delta’s hidden waterways, a living ecosystem that is ever-evolving, is unforgettable. It is here that we have chosen to start your safari, and we explore two vastly different biomes with a permanent water camp in the heart of the Delta, and a dry land camp further to the northeast of the Delta's permanent waterways, before heading off to the vast and surreal landscape of the Makgadikgadi Pans, where salt pans stretch as far as the eye can see.


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Khwai Leadwood Botswana Guests Enjoy the Front Deck
Ngala Tented Camp Main Guest Area


South Africa is a land of extraordinary beauty and captivating wildlife, and it offers quick, easy and impactful short safari ideas, ranging from tented-safari camps to 5-star luxury as you journey through the enchanting wilderness.

The Kruger National Park, located in northeastern South Africa, is an iconic destination that draws nature enthusiasts from around the globe. Spanning over 19,000 square kilometres (7,336 square miles), this vast wilderness is home to an astonishing array of wildlife, including the famous Big Five.

Adjacent to this world-famous wildlife haven are a number of private reserves, and it's here that our selection of South African short safari ideas offers the perfect choice of mid-range to high-end safari ideas. Whether your desire is to enjoy relaxation and pampering, or to engage in specialised activities like wildlife photography and walking safari experiences, our array of properties offers the perfect balance between immersing yourself in South Africa's wildlife wonders and managing your professional responsibilities.


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Zambia is untamed, gloriously wild and untouched, perfect for those seeking a remote, authentic, yet luxurious experience. We've just made your journey planning straightforward and cost-effective for the ideal African adventure for first-time safari-goers and safari purists alike.

Safari Guru's 9-Day Zambia Highlights Safari takes you to two of Zambia's most desirable wilderness areas; including South Luangwa National Park and Lower Zambezi National Park, where you will experience Africa's spectacular wildlife species, including most of the Big 5; elephants, lions, leopards and buffalo - Technically, Zambia has all the Big Five, but rhinos are extremely rare and confined to the Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls), which is exactly where we have you ending your awe-inspiring journey - unless your wanderlust seeks more!

This 9-Day Zambia Highlights Safari is perfect for couples or friends wishing to travel together, or even singles possibly making friends of a lifetime!


Chindeni Camp interiors in Zambia
Mpala Jena Camp on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe


Undoubtedly one of the most prolific wildlife destinations on the planet, Zimbabwe offers untamed beauty, safari indulgence and the chance to connect with nature and experience raw Africa.

Your journey begins in Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site and once described by David Livingstone as having scenes so lovely it must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight! Victoria Falls is renowned for its breathtaking natural wonders and vibrant culture.

Your next stop is the enchanting Sapi Reserve in the north of Zimbabwe, where the friendly staff of Tembo Plains Camp will welcome you to their home. This camp reflects more than just a place; it also speaks to their long and unique relationships with elephants, a key-note species on the Zimbabwean plains alongside the Zambezi River.

Lastly, Hwange National Park covers some 1.4 million hectares (3.46 million acres), and includes a mix of habitats and a huge amount of wildlife. This diverse area is shared between desert- adapted and woodland species, ensuring large numbers of animals all year round – a phenomenal number of elephant, buffalo, sable, roan, giraffe, wildebeest, impala and even gemsbok.


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World Veterinary Association Congress Safari

Safari can be scheduled for either side of the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress 2024, and can range from three nights to as many as you desire. Safari Guru's safari packages all offer ease of travel logistics and offer properties already guaranteed by our team to offer world-class safari activities. Budgets for each safari are dependant on how many travellers in your group, your preference in destinations, the total number of days you wish for, and your safari preferences. 

Pricing available on request

*While these exact World Veterinary Association Congress safari itineraries are available through Safari Guru, we are happy to swap and change the start dates, lengths of stay, properties and even the direction of the safari circuit according to each travellers requirements.

Itinerary generally include; shared accommodation, twice daily safari activities, flights ex Cape Town or Johannesburg, all transfers, all meals, local drinks and park fees. Safari Guru will also arrange additional activities, such as sunset river cruises, private guided tours and hot-air balloon safaris where applicable.

Travel costs do not included; gratuities, visa costs (if required), local curio purchases or travel insurance, and local/international arrival flights to and from South Africa.

Additional destinations can be added either before or after any itinerary, including Namibia and East Africa's, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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