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Private Guide Safari Experience

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Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is the worst of all.
~Brian Jackman

Private Guide Safari Experience

Private Guide Safari Experience – the ultimate luxury making the most of your time and money!

So, post-Covid, you are yearning to travel. Perhaps you’ve saved a bit of money during the lockdown, and you just want to celebrate the wedding anniversary, significant birthday, or a life milestone that you missed during those no travel anti-social days? Or maybe you’ve missed catching up with the family or a particular group of friends from afar? Or you’re now ready to take that bucket list trip? Either or all ways, you’re undoubtedly sure that you want this safari to be perfect; you’re drooling over destinations, gorgeous views, and camps. But you’re also a little tired, want to be at ease throughout your adventure, and are looking for a smooth-sailing, seamless journey.

In this case, travelling with your own private guide in Africa will give you that worry-free holiday experience. Your own private guide is that person dedicated to you and your other half, family, or travelling friends throughout your trip. They will accompany you the whole way and lead you through the areas you intend on visiting, no matter how far these are off the beaten track.

An excellent guide can really elevate your safari experience. If you’ve been on safari, you’ll know this and remember your best guides! Of course, a private guide will be your wildlife guide, spotter, and tracker and ensure your safety. But they are so much more. A private guide will smooth your way. They will be your host, concierge, and storyteller and provide you with insider expert tips.

Having a private guide means exploring on your own timetable and at your own pace. Our private guides have fantastic bush skills, incredible passion and insights, and top-class people skills! A wildlife safari in Africa is one of the World’s best vacations to breathe life into your soul and bring your traveling party together. One of the finest travel offerings as an antidote to modern life. Having the best private guide elevates this experience to be a life-changing experience. They will help you create unique memories.

You’ll experience authentic genuine parts of ‘real’ Africa and explore some inspirational aspects of the continent in the company of a local expert taking care of every detail from meeting you at the airport until the end of your trip.

What are the benefits of having a private safari guide?

Flexibility to plan your own day without missing out

Explore at your own pace. Sure, your guide will advise the best times for what you wish to see/experience. But this is your trip. Every day will be planned and, or changed to suit your interests, appetite for adventure, or desire to relax. A journey according to your schedule, so there is no need to worry about other travellers or sticking to timings that don’t suit your needs or feelings on a given day.

Peace of Mind

Hand over the reins of responsibility so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself, your surroundings, and the company of your travelling party. No need to stress about the logistics’ or niggling aggravations of the itinerary, flight times, transfers, or needs of those you are traveling with.

Continuity throughout your trip

Get the most out of your experience. You can avoid seeing and hearing the same wildlife, sightings, stories, or information you may get if your trip is full of different places with different guides. Your private guide will know what you’ve seen and heard and will ensure you have a rich, varied experience in all the areas you visit. All our guests are different, with different needs and interests. We know this, and so do private guides! Want humour and light-hearted fun? No problem! 

Want to know in-depth about the issues facing the area and conservation? Again no issue! Want to see a particular species? Again, no matter! Your guide will get to know you and your party and adapt to your interests and appetites.

Guaranteed expertise

Private guides have years of experience in the field. This is bred from their love of the bush, wildlife, and conservation. They’ve typically devoted their lives to travelling in Africa’s incredible landscapes and pure devotion to the continent, its cultures, and mesmerising wildlife. Their passion is infectious. This passion spurs them on to impart their knowledge to every guest. Chameleons, by nature, with charming interpersonal skills, these guides will get to know you well, adjust to your needs and requirements, and will understand what you are looking for. They will impart just the right touch of humour and knowledge to bring a unique dimension to your holiday. Don’t say we didn’t warn you; khaki fever is a thing!

Perfect for families and groups

As you can probably see by now, a private guide is thoroughly recommended for families and small groups. You’ll have much control over mealtimes and a flexible daily schedule. Our private guides will look after all the members of your travelling party – as they have been doing for years.

To truly get to know a place, you want authentic experiences. To meet a country’s people, enjoy its food, and experience its culture. Our private guides will be able to recommend the best of all the local drinks, cuisine, experiences, and activities available.

So the only question must be, why haven’t you had a private guide before?

So, how do you hire a private guide, and what might a private guide safari experience cost?

If you’re interested in a tailor-made, expertly curated safari experience, a vacation well beyond any standard itinerary, allowing your group to immerse itself in Africa, travelling with a private safari guide or host in Africa is undoubtedly the way to go. This is an individually crafted journey, and the cost will be highly dependent on the type of guide you choose, where and when you want to travel, the size of your traveling party, and obviously, such things as your length of stay and accommodation and transport preferences.

We can steer you in the right direction, whether it be East African safari itineraries or Southern Africa, including Victoria Falls and the beautiful Cape Coast, the whale capital of Africa and Cape Town’s highly revered wine regions.

But don’t just listen to us; read a recent travellers review

Private Guide Safari Experience Penn State University
We had a truly magical safari in Botswana. Deon and the staff of Safari Guru will guide you to the exact places you want to go specific to your desires and budget. Highly recommend!
~Barbara Nelson; United States of America

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