Packing for an African Safari

Packing for an African Safari Botswana Packing List Info

Packing for an African safari can be pretty daunting, and if you’ve never been on a safari, the warnings on luggage limits for small planes might have you in a panic! We all have questions regarding the best safari packing list; are we taking too much or too little, are there laundry services, and should […]

Private Guide Safari Experience

Private Guide Safari Experience Eagle by Deon De Villiers

Private Guide Safari Experience – the ultimate luxury making the most of your time and money! So, post-Covid, you are yearning to travel. Perhaps you’ve saved a bit of money during the lockdown, and you just want to celebrate the wedding anniversary, significant birthday, or a life milestone that you missed during those no travel […]

Best Lion Safaris in Africa

Best lion safaris in Africa; Lion in the Central Kalahari by Deon De Villiers

Here at Safari Guru, we’re often asked about planning for the best lion safaris in Africa. The one almost mythical animal everyone wishes to see, and experience on a safari, is the lion! Most of us are, in turn, almost in awe, fear, and curious about lions. To many, a lion epitomises strength, bravery, and […]