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Skeleton Coast Kaokoveld

On the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia is the Skeleton Coast, just south of Angola from the Kunene River to the Swakop River. Given both the names "The Land God Made in Anger" (from local Himba bush tribes) and "The Gates of Hell" (by previous Portuguese sailors to the area), which will be evoking the wild inhospitality of the place! But visitors are rewarded by the startling haunting scenery of this wilderness. Thankfully the camps provide the hospitality that the environment lacks, and the newly refurbished Hoanib Valley Camp offers just that.

As the name implies, the shoreline is littered with the rusted remains of shipwrecks, eroded through time by the constant wind and crashing waves, which are perfect to explore from the aptly named Shipwreck Lodge!

Himba tribal children play on a donkey at Serra Cafema Camp
Brown Hyena walking in the dunes at Serra Cafema Camp Namibia
The stylish decor at Serra Cafema Camp Namibia
Travellers overlooking the dunes at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp in the evening
Decor at Serra Cafema Camp main area
Elephants at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Namibia
Family Room at Shipwreck Lodge
Aerial view of Shipwreck Lodge Skeleton Coast
Skeleton Coast Kaokoveld

The cold Benguela current leads to dense ocean fogs that rise and cover the land for most of the year on the coast. This fog provides water for life to survive and an ecosystem to exist, but this is genuinely an unforgiving wilderness, and life exists here on the margins.

You'll find the famous desert-adapted vegetation in this area, like the Welwitschia mirabilis (referred to as a "fossil" plant). Wildlife is not prolific, but you may see desert-adapted lion, jackal, and brown hyena – each of whom hunt seals at the numerous seal colonies dotting the coastline. Additionally, giraffe, cheetah, leopard, desert elephant, springbok, and gemsbok are present.

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Sitting in the far north of Namibia, beside the Kunene River and overlooking Angola, is the remotest camp in Africa, Serra Cafema. Serra Cafema is a luxurious camp and a lovely addition to any Namibian itinerary where you view the starkness and the beauty of the desert and visit isolated Himba communities.

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