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Ilha Caldeira Mozambique

Embrace the gentle breeze of the uncharted Indian Ocean on the private Island of Ilha Caldeira Mozambique.

Situated within Southern Africa, off the coast of Mozambique offering your guests a new and exciting Indian Ocean destination. Ilha Caldeira offers travellers nn ideal extension to any bush safari experience in either Southern Africa or East Africa, with ease of air connection either via Kenya Airways or South Africa's Airlink to Nampula International.

Ilha Caldeira gets its name from its similarities to a volcanic "caldera", as the island is encircled by a sand dune that protects its jungle-esque centre. Located just 20 km off the mainland, the island is a world-class diving site and part of a marine protected area, home to 20% of Mozambique's intact living coral.

Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Coral Island
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Beach Dining

Ilha Caldeira, is surrounded by stunning corals in a marine protected area known as the Primers and Segundas Archipelago. Comprising a chain of ten sparsely inhabited barrier islands and two coral reef complexes, the archipelago welcomes a vast diversity of sea animals during their migrations each year, offering visitors from all over the world the chance to experience the wonders of nature.

The eastern side of the islands are fringed with coral reefs, composed mainly of soft corals, with hard corals at their southern edges. The coral reefs contain at least 56 coral genera and 194 reef fish species. In 2012, Mozambique established Africa's largest protected marine zone surrounding the islands.

Seagrass Beds are situated between the islands and the mainland, an essential habitat for sea turtles and dugongs. The southern isles support Mozambique's most extensive nesting grounds for green sea turtles, and Hawksbill sea turtles also use the beaches. The archipelago also hosts one of the most significant dugong populations in the western Indian Ocean. The well-established seagrass beds have been identified with eight seagrass species. Five species of sea turtles can be found in this area - with at least one of them nesting on the islands - as well as nesting areas for a plethora of seabirds.

Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Water Activities
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Local Fishermen in a Dhow
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Scuba Diving Wreck
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Dhow Sailing Activity
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Pool
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Island
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Tropical Fruit Meals
Ilha Caldeira Mozambique

Ilha Caldeira Mozambique is a world-class scuba diving spot with diverse coral and marine life, including the most important dugong population in the region. You'll also find the fascinating wreck of the Dutch MS Brastagi, which is worth exploring. There is a bevy of water sports to keep you busy from windsurfing to kayaking, SUPing to deep sea fishing, not to mention cruising the water in search of whales or taking in the sunset with a glass of something sparkling. Nearby, the Ilha de Mozambique, inscribed with UNESCO World Heritage in 1991, is filled with incredible architecture and tiny markets to peruse.

Contact Safari Guru for more information on Ilha Caldeira Mozambique, and for the best places to stay, such as the new Banyan Tree Retreat, Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira, offering as many of the other world-class Banyan Tree Resorts and properties.

More About Ilha de Mozambique

Ilha de Mozambique is an intriguing island off the northern shore of Mozambique, a stunning coastline of warm water, nodding palm trees, excellent seafood and a place largely undiscovered by tourists. It is Africa’s version of Cuba: a tropical climate with a mix of buildings where time has virtually stood still, where an exciting collection of religions and cultures live side by side, and much natural beauty that is only now starting to emerge from decades of relative isolation.

It is a fascinating area with much to see and do, including:

  • Visit forts, cathedrals and mansions dating back to the 17 century era of Portuguese colonization
  • Take a tour through Makuti Town, where people live below sea level
  • Enjoy Mozambique’s surprisingly delicious and varied local cuisine, including outstanding seafood, piri piri chicken and give-me-more bread
  • Snorkel in mangroves – ideal for beginners
  • Go whale watching in season on a traditional dhow
  • Swim off a deserted island before devouring a picnic right on the beach
  • Buy local jewellery made from old silver, fragments of antique pottery and chunks of old coloured glass from traditional windows
  • Revel in being among the very few outsiders lucky enough to discover this amazing place
  • Marvel at massive inselbergs rising from the flat surrounding landscape

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