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Zanzibar Activities

While the islands' waters are well known to experienced divers and those wanting to try the sport, but there are other Zanzibar activities above the waves.

Zanzibar offers fun in the sun for the whole family.

Water Fitness in Zanzibar
Dhow sailing in Zanzibar

 Traditional Dhow Sunset/Day Cruises

A Dhow boat is a wooden one- or two-masted Arab sailing vessel, usually with lateen rigging (the classic slanting, triangular-shaped sail), common in the Indian Ocean. Historically many were made on the islands themselves. A sunset cruise, cold drink in hand, is an evocative romantic experience highlighting the islands' beauty.

20211010-Matemwe Beach House Kayaking_
20211010-Matemwe Beach House Fishing
20211010-andBeyond Mnemba Island
Zanzibar Activities

Kiteboarding, Surfing and paddleboarding

For the more adventurous and active, kiteboarding, surfing, and paddle boarding are offered on the islands. Clearly, these sports are offered in separate areas of the islands. Paje and Jambiani (on the southeast coast) are ideal spots for kitesurfing of all levels. Similarly, Zanzibar offers surfing and lessons to people of all levels at various locations on the East coast.

Conversely, the Chwaka Bay, an indentation in the central east of the main island, offers calm waters flanked by mangrove forests allowing for paddleboarding.


Zanzibar offers world-class trophy fishing and spearfishing for such fish as wahoo, black marlin, giant trevally, dorado, and various tuna. Location and season are significant for this sport, very basically, the Zanzibar Tuna fishing season takes place from August to October, with the billfish season for Marlin and Sailfish running from November till March. Of course, in between, the Game Fish is always there, so if fishing is of particular interest to you or anyone in your party, contact us for more information as to the best location and season for the parts of this sport of interest.  

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