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The “Damaraland” is part of the Kunene Region in the northwest of Namibia, between the Skeleton Coast to the west and Etosha National Park to the East. An area of fascinating beauty consisting of rocky and rugged landscapes. In common with its neighbours, Damaraland is an arid environment with pretty much no permanent water sources; in fact, the area is synonymous with dry riverbeds, whose waters only flow sporadically, creating oases in the parched earth. The lines of trees that follow these river courses indicate the underground water used by the desert-adapted elephant and giraffe roaming this desert. 

Rhino Walking in the Mountains
Aerial View of Doro Nawas Safari Camp in Namibia
An inviting pool at Doro Nawas Safari Camp in Namibia
Rhino research data is entered at Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia
Dinner Setting at Desert Rhino Camp Namibia
A herd of elephants walks in the Damaraland region of Namibia
Stars shining bright over a room at Domaraland Camp in Namibia

Away from the river lines are vast open plains that in good rainfall years are covered by seasonal grasses, attracting herds of specialist dry-country antelope such as gemsbok and springbok. In specific camps in the area, you can track desert rhino with conservationists studying these animals.  Otherwise, the area offers Bushman rock art sites at Twyfelfontein and the Brandberg Massif, exploration or photography of a group of inselbergs known as Spitzkoppe, and visits to the Petrified Forest (a national monument of three hundred million-year-old tree trunks or marvel at the stunning, unique, ancient rock formations such as the Organ Pipes and Vingerklip.

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