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Bush and Beach Safari

This unique bush and beach safari allows you to experience the best of Madagascar and Zambia, two exceptional African destinations famed for their remote location and unique wildlife offering.

Miavana in Madagascar Aerial view
Elephant drinking from a pool at Chongwe River House in Zambia

Madagascar has been called the land in a forgotten sea. It’s the fourth biggest island on earth and has a number of small peripheral islands off its coastline. One of the most sought after is Nosy Ankao off the north-east of the country, and this is where you will find the ultra-luxury Miavana Private Island. There is nowhere in the world like Miavana, there is no luxury, no beauty, no tranquility, no thrill to equal this blue haven...

Contrast this watery wonderworld with some of the most remote and untouched savannahs Sub-Saharan Africa has to offer, Zambia- regarded by many as one of the last true wildernesses and Africa’s greatest secret. Visitor numbers are small and her vast areas of pristine wilderness have remained unchanged for millennia. The opportunity to explore these areas and see the wildlife without sharing the experience with many others is a privilege that’s hard to find these days.

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Bush and Beach Safari


Rediscover your sense of wonder in a place where luxury means stepping foot where no man has before, surrounded by an unspoiled horizon. Explore uncharted waters and coral reefs hosting scores of jewel-toned fish. Stroll on the white sand beaches or take a guided nature walk to visit the resident lemurs and nesting sea turtles. Spot dolphins and migrating humpback whales as you gaze out over the Indian Ocean. Contribute to the long-term sustainability of the region simply by visiting. At around 10 square kilometres in size, this intimate haven is just the place to escape and unwind.


Zambia's vast wilderness areas are prefered by seasoned travellers and photographic enthusiasts; and some of the most popular being South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and the remote Liuwa Plain National Park - all hold generous populations of wildlife, yet vastly different scenery and best time to visit windows.
Safari Guru will careful plan all aspects of this unique safari, choosing the most well-placed camp in Zambia to suit not only your preferred travel window, but also taking local wildlife happenings into account to ensure you get the most from your well spent travel Dollar.

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