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Experience a true Botswanan safari immersion into wildest Africa, which allows you to explore where no others have in comfort and with the privacy of your own group on your own Private Mobile Safari camp. This is an exclusive experience like no other, a safari with your own camp, guide, safari vehicle, and staff complement. Your journey into the wild is a real adventure with true flexibility and intimacy! 

If you're looking for a bit of adventure or something just a little different, this may be precisely for you, where you will get you totally amongst it! Maybe you've been on safari before, and you've had a taste of what top-class safari camps have to offer. You like their luxury; cotton sheets, top-class service, food, and drinks, but are you looking for something a little rawer and closer to nature? Or perhaps it is your first time, and while you yearn for the outdoors, you still seek the comforts of everyday living…

Mekoro skimming through the water in Botswana
A tent perfectly set up in the shade of a tree for mobile camping

There is no need for compromise! Let us arrange your authentic mobile camping safaris Botswana with an expert guide in and among some of Africa's best wildlife. With a lightweight expedition-style camp, you can get off the beaten track, away from any crowds, into for an exceptional safari: with fabulous fresh food, the perfect gin & tonic with ice, a super comfy bedroll, and hot water for a refreshing bucket shower!

A unique trip: combine a private mobile safari experience in pristine areas of Botswana with a luxury safari camp of your choice. All arrivals are by helicopter, doors off, as you skim the waters lilies of Botswana's only World Heritage site, the Okavango Delta. What is your idea of true luxury? If it is the idea of an authentic experience, being at one with nature in comfort and glorious solitude yet with warm service. Then this is the adventure for you. 

Your mobile safari includes six nights in two distinctly different camp locations, each for three nights. Relocating between the two camps, you will either walk or mokoro canoe (or combine each), or by vehicle, if you prefer. While the backup team moves the camp and sets up for your afternoon arrival in the new location! Expect to see elephant, hippo, lion, hyena, and many other game species as you journey through this private and protected area right in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Private Mobile Safari Dinner Setup in Botswana
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Private Mobile Safari Drinks Setup
Private Mobile Safaris

We all want to tick off bucket-list experiences. Post-Covid, this is even more true. A private mobile safari is one major bucket-list adventure. This will tick all your boxes. Adventure glamping without compromise as you get to sleep at eye level with Africa's most sought-after creatures that prowl the darkness. Here you will be completely safe with the extremely experienced watchful eye of your pro safari guide. You will rise to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee drifting from the campfire. Your ever-helpful camp personnel, including your private chef, will have prepared your hot breakfast and delightful snack for your morning activity break, wherever you enjoy it — followed by lunch in the bush and snacks and dinner under candlelight by the fire.

This unique package is only available for 100 days each year, thus keeping this adventure exclusive and nature at its most pristine. It will have you ending your experience with one of Botswana's top luxury safari destinations, either the Okavango Delta, the Khwai, Kalahari Desert, or the Linyanti. Transfer from your private mobile safari directly to your next safari destination by helicopter or a light aircraft (for more remote facilities). You'll be met by your subsequent private guide, whisking you seamlessly into your new adventure.

So, the camp? This is everything you need and nothing you don't -simplistic luxury expedition camping. The tents are roomy enough, twin/triples, 3m X 3m dome tents with lighting provided by LED and gas and paraffin lamps. Beds are ground foam mattress bedrolls made up of fine Egyptian cotton linen and are superbly comfortable and warm. Each tent has its own bathroom, private bucket shower (for hot showers), and a compost loo. All linens and towels are provided. The food focuses on a healthy, wholesome menu designed to provide quality food, not waste, and dietaries can be catered for with advance notice. Ask us any questions about the light footprint and specifics of the camps, and we'll gladly give your all the necessary information.

The Activities? Walking, mokoro canoeing, and game drives!

The mobile camps use pristine wilderness where there are few, if no signs, of any humans, and as such, much of the area is inaccessible to motorized transport. So, the essence of the mobile safari camp is the old safari experience - walking through the wildest of Africa. That said, the walking expeditions can be as long and intense or short and sweet as your ability or desires allow; the trip can be tailored to make this your safari time. Typically, though, morning and walking activities are in the cooler hours, which tend to be the mornings.

The Kweene River system is a combination of seasonal and occasional swamp habitats. The river typically gets its water annually on the cycle of the Okavango dynamic. When it does so, the area is an amazing spectacle of Okavango Delta scenery and its wildlife. When water levels permit, generally May/June to Aug/Sep – the middle of Botswana's dry season – but this is when the waters arrive in this area, and you can canoe and experience this area at its best.

Game drives are possible along sensitively developed and limited game drive network. The limitation is necessary to preserve the wild beauty of the remote areas in which the mobile camps operate. But they certainly do allow you to get a feel for the area and what the resident wildlife gets up to.

Ask us any questions or for any and all information and specifics, including the private mobile safari pricing and what additional options are available, and we'll gladly give your all the necessary information.

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