Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park Elephants

For those seeking an unforgettable wildlife adventure in Southern Africa, Chobe National Park is a true paradise waiting to be explored. Nestled in the northern reaches of Botswana, Chobe is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true. Covering a sprawling 11,700 square kilometres, this renowned national park is celebrated for its incredible biodiversity and is often […]

Cape Winelands

Cape Winelands South Africa Delaire Graff

Nestled just a short drive from Cape Town, South Africa’s Cape Winelands region is a veritable paradise for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its picturesque landscapes, award-winning vineyards, and charming historic towns, this beautiful region offers a sensory experience like no other. Journey through the Cape Winelands and unveil its vine-covered valleys, indulge in […]

Ilha Caldeira Mozambique

Ilha Caldeira Mozambique Banyan Tree Coral Island

Embrace the gentle breeze of the uncharted Indian Ocean on the private Island of Ilha Caldeira Mozambique. Situated within Southern Africa, off the coast of Mozambique offering your guests a new and exciting Indian Ocean destination. Ilha Caldeira offers travellers nn ideal extension to any bush safari experience in either Southern Africa or East Africa, […]

Benguerra Island Mozambique

Benguerra Island Mozambique Sunset Dhow at &beyond

Africa, the continent of captivating landscapes, rich cultures, and awe-inspiring wildlife, is a bucket list for travellers worldwide. While there are countless enchanting destinations to explore on this vast continent, one gem that stands out for its unspoiled beauty and unique charm is Benguerra Island, Mozambique. Benguerra Island, situated off the coast of Mozambique, is […]

Kenya Laikipia County

20210928 Segera Retreat 2

Northern Kenya, Laikipia County is rated as one of the best safari viewing areas on the continent – with few crowds. An area the size of Wales simply filled with wildlife, gorgeous family owned and run lodges, and unique and rare species, the beautiful grevy zebra, the odd-looking gerenuk and the reticulated giraffe. Stretching out […]

Chimp Trekking

mahale greystoke from the air

Mahale Mountains National Park is accessible all year round and is a stronghold for some of Africa’s last remaining Chimps. For many a primate experience is the most rewarding of all safari experiences, and Mahale holds the key to possibly Africa’s best chimpanzee moments. Some of Mahale’s chimp families have habituated over the many years, […]

Diving Zanzibar Island

Aerial View Zanzibar Beach at Zuri

The exotic Zanzibar archipelago lies 25km off the east coast of Tanzania and includes Unguja, Pemba and an arrangement of small, tropical island sanctuaries. The northern and eastern coasts of Unguja including beautiful and timeless beaches boast many excellent resorts, which makes Zanzibar a perfect place to conclude an East African safari, and offering some […]

Malaria-Free Family Safaris

Malaria-Free Family Safaris Lions Tuningi Madikwe

Malaria is a prevalent concern in many parts of Africa, and for families travelling with young children, it’s essential to prioritise their safety and well-being. There are several reserves in Africa suitable for malaria-free family safaris, including Namibia’s Namib-Naukluft, and some of the higher-altitude areas of Tanzania and Kenya’s Samburu; yet, it’s South Africa that […]

Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park Walking Safari with Guests

Imagine a place where the wild roams free, the mighty Zambezi River flows lazily, and nature’s grandeur is on full display. Welcome to Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, an enchanting destination for travellers seeking an authentic African safari experience. Before your safari planning with Safari Guru, allow us to take you on a virtual […]

South Luangwa National Park

Fire lounge at Kafunta Lodge South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park is one of the most popular parks in relatively un-touristy Zambia. The Luangwa River contains the largest concentration of hippo and crocodile in the entire world and meanders through the wide valley floor in the park, creating a system of ox-bow lagoons.