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Safari Planning

East Africa

East Africa safari planning includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and the Indian Ocean Islands. We’ve also included Rwanda and Tanzania’s Mahale area under primate destinations and some of the islands under Island Getaways.

East Africa’s Savannah-based safaris in Kenya and Tanzania are uniquely different from Southern Africa and have archetypal safari landscapes of broad sweeping open savannahs full of game. Both countries are varied and huge; and can be year-round destinations, but, broadly, best visited in their dry seasons.

East Africa

When planning East Africa; consider Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve and the expansive Serengeti of Tanzania as the building blocks of the journey! Vast open plains dotted with picturesque acacia trees and a million gnu’s stretched to the horizon. Well known for big game, itineraries here are often geared around the great migration boasting well over a million animals moving in unison across the greater Serengeti eco-system seeking better grasses, followed by fierce predators seeking an easy meal!

Angama Mara Lodge in Kenya with view

In addition to Tanzania and Kenya, East Africa also includes new and exciting options for travel to Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda for gorillas.

Conclude your wildlife spectacle and cultural immersion on one of the regions stunning islands, such as Zanzibar and bathe away your safari dust in the turquoise, and crystal clear Indian Ocean.

By letting a Safari Guru expert safari planner meticulously plot and manage your journey, we’ll share our wealth of knowledge of East Africa’s best luxury safari camps in the top national parks – let’s start sharing!


East Africa Safari Planning

The Greater Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem hosts the great migration, which carries on continuously year-round. High seasons for this monumental spectacle tend to fall when the masses of gnu’s and zebra make their way across the various infamous river-crossing points in a spectacle of dust as the cruel world of predator and prey collide! The crossing times and points are when the whole region is busiest with safaris. Your selection of camp is vital to ensure the maximum visual impact of this wildlife phenomenon while still enjoying much-needed peace, quiet, and tranquillity.

Visit the cultural highlands of Kenya and witness the ancient tribal ways of the Maasai and their wealth of free-grazing livestock, or get off the beaten track to explore the raw, untamed beauty of Tanzania’s south, and east, including Lake Victoria and the Mahale Mountain National Park, home of the chimpanzee!

We will connect the dots for you and ensure your private retreats are well suited and complementary as you take in the different biomes and species these areas have to offer.

Explore each destination included in our East African travel itineraries, and enjoy a small sample, yet personalised selection of accommodation properties for each location.

East Africa



The exotic Zanzibar archipelago lies 25km off the east coast of Tanzania and includes Unguja, Pemba and an arrangement of small, tropical island sanctuaries.

The northern and eastern coasts of Unguja including beautiful and timeless beaches boast many excellent resorts, which makes Zanzibar a perfect place to conclude an East African safari.

Mnemba Island Beach Front in Zanzibar
A Maasai Safari Guide at Chem Chem Tanzania


Undoubtedly one of our most popular safari destinations, and more recently becoming a family favourite.

It’s themed in movies, and home to some of Africa’s most significant icons; Mt Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.


An authentic safari experience in a vastly diverse landscape offering abundant and exhilarating wildlife experiences.

Kenya offers great diversity in the safari experience, from unimaginable luxury to walking safaris operating fly-camps in wilderness zones for small groups and families. Like the Serengeti in Tanzania, Kenya’s Maasai Mara becomes part of the ‘great migration’ on an annual basis.

By plane flying past a sundowner setup in Kenya

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