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Sober Safaris

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Sober safaris are for all folk seeking complete sobriety or simply choosing a no-alcohol holiday. It could be a lifestyle choice or a need for a healthier vacation without the temptation. Safari Guru has crafted our own personally inspired and hosted sober safaris. Our booze-free African adventures include tailored services, abundant activities and interests, and mindful connection with like-minded people.

We at Safari-Guru are passionate about safaris, Africa, its wildlife, conservation, and people. We firmly believe that a safari can be inspirational, life-changing and an enlivening experience. We also think the safari experience should be fun and done with your wishes placed front and centre of our minds – lifestyle included.

Contact a sober safari expert today to join in on the program, or craft a unique itinerary based on your interests and budget.


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Sober Safaris


Safari Guru’s sober safaris are aimed at anyone who wants to safari in a luxurious, ‘safe space’ with like-minded, interesting people who, for various reasons, have decided alcohol is simply not (an option) for them. They can be booked as a solo traveller, couple or a group of friends.

As a hosted safari experience, we go along to smooth the way, ensure each guest's needs are taken care of, and they have our knowledge and expertise to enhance their experience. As a host we get to meet and know the guests and ensure that they can simply relax and enjoy their trip and at their own pace, enriched by the wonders of safari, without any concern regarding logistics, meeting points, organising others or concerns over wants or needs. We’ll take care of all of this, and you get to focus on you!


While the idea of sundowners, drinks around the campfires is synonymous with safari’s, a safari really does lend itself well to an alcohol-free life! With very early starts watching amazing sunrises, experiencing the bush and wildlife in a vehicle or on horseback with a sparkling clear head, and a sparkling water, is the way to go!

There are many experiences to be had with our zero alcohol vacations. It is a real luxurious but out in the wilderness experience. Each itinerary allows you to experience first-hand some of the conservation projects supported by the lodges and camps you visit. Guests will go on safari drives in conservancies focussed on wildlife preservation. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit community and wildlife, conservation projects that focus on species preservation. They include visits to the anti-poaching centres, time with the anti-poaching trackers and the dogs and visits to local communities, health clinics, women’s community projects or schools to experience the benefits of sustainable tourism.

All of the cultural encounters that are offered by our partners are very authentic, dignified and respectful. Guests can also spend the day on foot, horseback or in a vehicle tracking and learning about wildlife (such as the endangered black rhino) and the mounting challenges faced by modern conservation.

There are many other activities such as horse riding, bush breakfasts, spa treatments (at extra cost), yoga and mindfulness and optional talks from experts as to breathing exercises and living with purpose.

Look who’s talking about Safari Guru’s Sober Safaris:  The Independant, UK, CNN Travel, & Toronto STAR

Contact our private safari planners today to share our unique ideas for luxury African safaris based on your interests and budget.


We recently returned from Kenya, had a fabulous safari designed by Deon De Villiers of Safari Guru. We had some wonderful sightings and the whole thing went without a single hiccup. The guides were excellent. Deon was so helpful in allowing us to reschedule several times due to COVID restrictions preventing travel.

We visited Sirikoi in the Lewa Conservancy and Serian Ngare, Serian Nkorombo and Mara Plains at Masai Mara, each place offering a different experience, each special in its own way. Loved the rhinoceros at Lewa, giraffe giving birth at Ngare, hippopotamus at Nkorombo and cats at Mara Plains, and so so much more.

We highly recommend Deon and the Safari Guru team.

Safari Guru Travellers:  Marcia & John, Australia

Sober Safaris

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