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The optimistic energy of the people has earned their country the moniker ‘Remarkable Rwanda’, and it regularly features on ‘must-visit’ lists.

Rwanda is a rainforest haven and one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions but, of course, its most celebrated wild mammal is the iconic, critically endangered mountain gorilla.

Magashi Lodge in Akajera
People looking at gorilla in Rwanda
Rwanda People walking with water

Affectionately known as, “Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda offers a uniquely comprehensive experience, from rainforest and imposing volcanic peaks to East Africa styled safari, having outstanding scenic savannah dotted with floodplains.

Rwanda has shown great courage in recovering from the memory of the 1994 Rwandan genocide to emerge into the stable, well-run and peacefully united country that it is today.

Rwanda’s absolute highlight is access to trek and spend time with the highly-endangered mountain gorilla. It has opened up the world to organised and safe primate viewing especially when measured against the experience available in its neighbours. The gorilla trekking here caters for many individual levels of fitness and can be tailored to your needs. Some stunning and exciting new accommodations are now available, with some still in progress, and visitors are guaranteed unspoilt wilderness, pure luxury and exceptionally high chances of seeing the protected mountain gorilla. While not guaranteed, the gorilla troops are monitored for their protection; therefore, their whereabouts are generally known and shared by conservation guards.

Rwanda hosts thousands of plant species, over 650 bird species and a plethora of reptiles and amphibians, and even with the impressive 151 mammal species including no less than 15 primates; it's the people that create the experience. Surprising to many, savannah-based 'Big 5' game viewing is also available and becoming popular in Rwanda.

A vibrant and friendly culture with an incredible story to tell. Rwanda holds much in her peoples' history, and the value of tourism and conservation to this incredibly diverse land is positive and remarkable.

Rwanda's main airport in the capital city of Kigali offers easy daily connections into East African countries of Tanzania and Kenya for visitors wishing to combine their highly-engaging gorilla safari with the Great Migration, Zanzibar or some of the other well-known and top national parks for wildlife viewing. Safari Guru understands the best connections and safari offerings to combine Bisate Lodge or One & Only Gorilla's Nest with well-suited luxury camp creating a well-rounded and rewarding safari experience.

It exceeded our expectations. Not just the gorillas. The people. The trackers. The guide. The bishops house. The food. The coffee. The genocide museum. How Rwanda rebuilt itself under this government after such awful events in 1994, only 25 years ago. And it was all super well organised. So thank you.

 - Sofie Piessens, Australia

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O&O in Nyungwe for chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee Safari

Rwanda is a very safe, friendly, and remarkable destination. Undoubtedly, a significant highlight of this landlocked equatorial rainforest destination is the gorilla trekking. But this small country is host to many other species, including many of the world's other remaining primates, including chimps, such that the gorillas aren't always the stars of the show! 

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Culture and Healing

The optimistic energy of the people has earned their country the moniker 'Remarkable Rwanda,' and it regularly features on must-visit lists. Rwanda is a rainforest haven and one of Africa's most biodiverse regions, but, of course, its most celebrated wild mammal is the iconic, critically endangered mountain gorilla.

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Coffee beans in Rwanda
Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park

Rwanda is known for its gorilla experience and primates.  But this equatorial rain-forested volcanic country also includes a more 'typical' safari destination. The last remaining refuge for savannah-adapted species in Rwanda is Akagera National Park, bordering Tanzania in the east of the country. It is considered central Africa's largest protected wetland.  

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Gorilla Safari

Trekking to spend time with endangered gorillas is a "Bucket List" experience. The opportunity to spend time with precious gorilla troops offered in Rwanda is simply unforgettable. Many, even hardened safari enthusiasts, say it is life-changing.  Rwanda has over half of the world's critically endangered gorilla population offers the best organised, carefully managed, and most productive primate...

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A mother and baby gorilla enjoy the lush foliage in Rwanda

Family Safari Specialists

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