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Whether you’re dreaming of witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti, tracking gorillas in Rwanda, or exploring the vibrant landscapes of Botswana, every traveller is unique, and so are your safari dreams.

Welcome to the world of private safari planners, where tailor-made journeys offer ultimate adventures in the heart of Africa! Safari Guru are world-renowned safari planners specialising in African travel; your dedicated partners in crafting the safari experience of a lifetime.

Every life-changing journey begins with a dream, but ours starts with a plan.

Contact a safari expert today to craft a unique itinerary based on your interests and budget.


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Private Safari Planners

Safari Guru is renowned for creating immersive and unique experiences with soul across the African continent. Our team of experienced private safari planners are profoundly committed and passionate about providing the best experiences on the African continent while supporting the preservation of wildlife and the environment. 

Our private safari planners will share vast knowledge and experience with each traveller to enhance their journey with insightful recommendations and logistics planning, helping our travellers connect with the wonders of the African wilderness on a deeper level. We place a very high emphasis on communication, etiquette and a polished, positive engagement across all planning services, while best of all, it costs no extra.

As leading African travel advisors, our services often result in cost savings and additional value for money. Our extensive industry connections allow us to negotiate favourable rates with airlines, lodges, and activity providers, and we have access to insider deals, special promotions, and purchasing power, which may not be available to individual travellers. As a result, you can enjoy premium services, upgraded accommodations, and added amenities without breaking the bank.

Our handcrafted journeys include several speciality journeys, such as our industry-leading sober safaris, recently discussed by CNN Travel and the Independent UK, and a number of safari inspiration ideas, including our privately guided safaris. But the real value lies in our journey ideas, explicitly tailored to offer flexible travel for individuals, small groups and multi-generational families!

We know Africa, her ins and outs, and we know our way around a labyrinth of systems for complete logistics management and safari success. The little things and substantial knowledge we bring to the table will make your travels comfortable, enjoyable and spectacularly memorable every time.

Contact our private safari planners today to share OUR unique ideas for luxury African safaris based on your interests and budget.

“Trip of a Lifetime!”

“Your knowledge and experience took the trip to the next level, and your good nature and good humor topped it all off.“

Safari Guru Travellers: Terry & Adriana, USA

Private Safari Planners

Safari Inspiration

Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari Cheetah Linkwasha Camp Hwange

The Best Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari

Picture an unforgettable journey through Zimbabwe, where wildlife and natural beauty come together to create a safari experience like no other. This exciting Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari adventure will take you on a thrilling exploration starting from the magnificent Victoria Falls, then heading to the lesser-known Sapi Reserve near Mana Pools, and finally culminating in the wildlife-rich Hwange Na...

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Botswana Highlights Safari

Welcome to Botswana, one of Africa's last pure wildernesses, where wildlife roams freely and untamed, offering an authentic safari experience. Botswana's reputation as a premium safari destination might be intimidating for first-time travellers. However, the Botswana Highlights Safari, is a meticulously crafted journey that ensures accessibility without compromising on the awe-inspiring wonders...

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Botswana Highlights Safari Elephant in the Okavango Delta
5-Day Luxury Safari South Africa Londolozi Tree Camp

5-Day Luxury Safari South Africa

For the adventurous souls yearning to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of the African wilderness, there is no experience quite like a luxury safari. And when it comes to luxury safaris, few destinations rival the enchanting Londolozi Tree Camp, nestled within the legendary Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. Renowned for its opulent lodgings, impeccable service, and extraordinary w...

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Botswana Safari and Victoria Falls

If you're a traveller with dreams of exploring the wild landscapes of Africa and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Victoria Falls, you're in for a truly remarkable adventure. Curated by Safari Guru, this Botswana Safari and Victoria Falls holiday package epitomises the blend of wildlife and landscapes that define southern Africa's charm. Victoria Falls captivates with its compact allure, ...

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Botswana Safari and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Packages Holidays

Family Safari Specialists

If you’re dreaming of Africa, your journey has already begun!


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