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A partnership made in heaven, Safari Guru’s engagement with Fast Private Jet aligns beneficial expertise to connect our bespoke safari itineraries seamlessly between our preferred ‘hand-picked’ destinations and the rest of the World.

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Fast Private Jet consistently meets the needs of our clients, searching for the best aircraft available on the market for each type of flight required. Thanks to their vast international network of selected air taxi companies operating in the business aviation market and their fleet of Light Jets, Safari Guru clients always reach their destination in comfort and style.

Private jets guarantee extreme privacy, time-saving, and a unique lifestyle. A chartered plane allows to optimize time and decrease the number of hours spent on travelling.

Business jets represent the "ultimate time machine" both for business and leisure flights. The reasons lie in travelling more efficiently and reaching your favourite destinations in a fast and safe way. Moreover, private jets allow Safari Guru travellers to reach airports that otherwise would be inaccessible to commercial airlines, and at times suitable for seamless connection to bush and island flights, by private light aircraft or helicopter.

In addition, using a private jet guarantees complete flexibility in terms of departure times and dates to coincide with preferable arrival times. Each aspect of the private flight experience is designed in every detail, according to the clients' needs. In conjunction with Safari Guru, the Fast Private Jet private aviation advisors will take care of each aspect of your travel - including courtesy car services and transfers, customized 'in-flight' catering, meet and greet on arrival, and even special decorations for memorable events.

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Safari Guru has curated a selection of itineraries connected a handful of select safari destinations and experiences for our esteemed clientele. while our selections listed below offer extreme indulgence and perfection, alternative destinations can be added and changed based upon professional engagement and your preferences, seasonality and our expert insiders knowledge and experience of Africa's top accommodations.

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Singita Mara River Tented Camp Lounge Area

Diverse Africa - Jaws, Claws & Paws

We cut the chase and place you in some of Africa's most intense wildlife destinations, known for exceptional viewing of predators and their prey. While we can't guarantee what you will see on the day, we do guarantee adventure, excitement and much exhilaration...

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Diverse Africa - Landscapes to Seascapes

You'll appreciate the dramatic views from the edge of the Great Rift Valley, to taking a helicopter over Africa's most remarkable waterfall and dive the turquoise paradise of Benguerra Island in Mozambique...

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Angama Mara Lodge in Kenya with view
Deck view from Ellerman House Villa in Cape Town

Private Villa Collection

This Private Villa Collection hand-crafted journey has been carefully curated with a very small selection of Safari Guru's favourite destinations offering some of Africa's finest experiences; and connected by Fast Private Jet.

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Family Safari Specialists

If you’re dreaming of Africa, your journey has already begun!