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Kenya offers an authentic safari experience in a vastly diverse landscape, abundant wildlife and mindful cultural experiences.

Kenya offers fantastic diversity for a safari holiday experience and is perfect for small groups and family vacations. From unimaginable luxury offering hot-air ballooning and helicopter excursions to authentic and exhilarating bush camps in wilderness zones focussing on walking safaris and fly-camping for true-wilderness experiences. 

Like the Serengeti in Tanzania, Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve becomes part of the ‘great migration’, a never-ending circle of life followed by over a million animals. The infamous river crossings, with giant scavenging crocodiles and countless wildebeest charging across the Mara Rivers steep banks into the perilous waters below, are the most prominent happenings associated with this mind-blowing event.

Kenya Angama Mara Maasailand
Kenya Sasaab Lodge
Kenya Sasaab Lodge View
Kenya Zebra Segera Retreat

Of course, Kenya is also famous for its big cats and elephants, including majestic 'Tusker' elephants, which can be seen throughout the year, together with a wide variety of other species in the parks, reserves and conservancies for which the country is so well known. The Maasai Mara is generally the building block for any Kenyan safari experience, and from there, you could build into the itinerary a visit to the northern reaches of the country, the coast for some beach time, Amboseli with the magnificent Mt Kilimanjaro backdrop or hop over to Rwanda or Uganda for their ultimate primate experiences.

Kenya's on the equator and is considered a year-round destination, so you can travel any time and still have an incredible safari experience. The climate varies across the different parts of the country - from the tropical humidity of the coast, the dry heat of the semi-arid savannah regions, to the cool air of the highlands above 6,000 feet; and Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. 

It tends to be hotter from December to March, coolest in June to October, with rainy periods mainly in April and May, with another brief rain in November. The showers tend to fall primarily in the afternoon or at night, and usually, it's a short and heavy tropical downpour. Our favourite time is February - March when it's blue skies, sunshine and often less tourism!

The great wildebeest migration, with millions of grazing animals moving from the Serengeti National Park to the Mara, usually starts to arrive in the Mara towards the end of June and leaves by early October. Another smaller migration of wildebeest takes place from the Loita plains through the Mara Conservancies, starting in Ol Kinyei in February and March (when calving takes place) and then moving during the following weeks through Naboisho and Olare Motorogi Conservancies towards the Mara Reserve.

Email the team at Safari Guru with your preferred destinations in Kenya, and we will share a comprehensive list of lodges and camps offering the best safari guides and services, as well as a suggested itinerary to meet your safari journey budget and expectations.   EMAIL NOW ...

Kenya Airways and several other airlines offer daily connections to this part of East Africa, including TanzaniaRwanda and Zanzibar. Kenyan safaris and experiences complement and connect well with primate trekking and beach and island holidays. Let Safari Guru guide you on a well-rounded and rewarding safari experience.

To experience a Safari in Kenya was in our bucket list since 1999, this was one of our biggest dreams… the experience was unbelievable, luxury accommodation, first-class treatment, exquisite local cuisine, great wine, spectacular romantic rooms and we were educated about nature, conservation, environment and animals like never before. This was a “one in a lifetime experience”, and we will recommend Safari Guru services to all our friends, colleagues and family.

 - Mrs. Paula Touitou, Israel

Kenya's Best


Kenya Laikipia County Solio Lodge Rhino Bush Picnic

Kenya Laikipia County

Northern Kenya, Laikipia County is rated as one of the best safari viewing areas on the continent - with few crowds. An area the size of Wales is filled with wildlife, gorgeous family-owned and run lodges, and unique and rare species, the beautiful Grevy Zebra, the odd-looking gerenuk, and the reticulated giraffe. Stretching out on the edge of the Northern Kenyan Frontier, from the slopes of Mo...

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The Great Migration

The "greatest Wildlife show on Earth" and certainly one of the most sought-after experiences for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, or even just the curious ….. the Great Migration! We are often asked about the migration. So, what exactly is this spectacle, and when and where might you realistically be able to witness it?

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Wildebeest of the Great Migration enjoy sunset
Maasai Mara Kenya Safari Guide at Angama Mara looks over the Land

Maasai Mara

Nowhere in Kenya captures the world's safari or literary imagination quite like the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Let us start where we like to end many a safari adventure - the famous Maasai Mara, often spelled Masai Mara, yet, fondly referred to as, The Mara!  The thumping heart of Kenya's exhilarating game experience. For a sense of the geography, the Maasai Mara National Reserve is, in fact...

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Giraffe Manor Kenya

Giraffe Manor Kenya offers, quite possibly, the most fun and memorable breakfast in the world; with the rare and exquisite Rothschild's giraffes! This is one of the most famous, Instagram worthy hotels in Africa where the resident giraffes crane their necks through the open windows to get their brekkie or treats of delicious pellets supplied by the accommodating hotel! The giraffes, who live wi...

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Giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Safari Inspiration

Short Safaris in Kenya

Short Safaris in Kenya

Discover the wonders of East Africa's culture, beauty and wildlife by choosing one of Safari Guru's short safaris in Kenya. Whether you're travelling to Kenya for business or pleasure or to support one of the world's excellent courses, such as World Jenny's Day Safari Cycle Fundraiser Ride 2024, you have a world of opportunity to discover the wonders of East Africa's wildlife with one of Safari...

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Diverse Africa - Landscapes to Seascapes

This Diverse Africa - Landscapes to Seascapes hand-crafted journey has been carefully curated with a very small selection of Safari Guru's favourite destinations offering some of Africa's finest vistas and seascapes; and connected by Fast Private Jet. You'll appreciate the dramatic views from the edge of the Great Rift Valley, to taking a helicopter over Africa's most remarkable waterfall and d...

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Angama Mara Lodge in Kenya with view
Deck view from Ellerman House Villa in Cape Town

Private Villa Collection

This Private Villa Collection hand-crafted journey has been carefully curated with a very small selection of Safari Guru's favourite destinations offering some of Africa's finest experiences; and connected by Fast Private Jet.

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