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Nestled in the heart of Southern Africa, this captivating land offers a safari experience like no other. From the shimmering waters of Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the vast stretches of the Kalahari Desert, Botswana’s diverse landscapes create a haven for an incredible array of wildlife. 

A Botswana safari would only be complete with a trip into the iconic Okavango Delta – specifically, the Moremi National Park at the heart of the Delta. Exploring the Delta’s hidden waterways, an ever-evolving living ecosystem is unforgettable. 

Qorokwe Camps luxury interiors in Botswana
Cultural basket weaving skills are shared by the ladies of Vumbura Plains Camps
Botswana leopard sits patiently on a log with safari guests watching in anticipation for her next move at Mombo Camp.
A single guest sits in a mekoro with her private guide in the Okavango Delta in Botswana
Leopard Surveys its surrounds on the Savannah at Mombo Camp Botswana

Further east, the Linyanti Concession, including the Chobe National Park in northern Botswana, holds some of the most significant elephant populations on the planet. This vast expanse of wilderness offers guests the contrast of wooded savannah safaris to perennial waterways, with abundant wildlife during the drier months. The famous Savuti channel forms a significant boundary into the Linyanti and holds tales of animals that frequent many nature documentaries.

The central area of Botswana, the vast desert of the Central Kalahari, and the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi National Park are definitely for the experiential traveller, seeking more than just a wildlife fiesta. This area is home to Botswana's wandering Khoisan people, the famed black-maned lions and the much-loved meerkats. The centre of Botswana is also home to some of the healthiest remaining populations of cheetah in the region.

Botswana is suitable for family travel and offers great diversity for boating, mekoro, the traditional dugout canoe, walking, and vehicle-based wildlife viewing. Many camps welcome children with open arms and have many activities aimed at your little ones designed to engage them with wildlife, nature, and the environment.

Safari Guru Deon called Botswana home for many years, and to make the most of your safari ensure to engage us for your best travel ideas, tips and even a Private Guide Safari Experience; the ultimate luxury, making the most of your time and money!

Botswana boasts many remarkable luxury safari properties, ranging from the classic, authentic canvas camps to the uber-luxurious offerings, such as Mombo Camp, Xigera Camp, Duba Plains and the exclusive use Little Mombo Camp.

Mombo and Little Mombo Camps were voted the world's 'Best Hotel Travel + Leisure' in 2013. The destination has also staged many wildlife documentaries, from the David Attenborough, the BBC, and the Jouberts. The most well-known is 'Eye of the Leopard', featuring the famous leopard named Legadima. While Legadima is no longer with us, her progeny are still roaming strong, and almost all Mombo visitors are rewarded with at least one interaction with her family members.

While it is well known for its abundant wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and unique culture; one of our most frequent questions is; "what is the best time to visit Botswana?" There is no single answer, as it is based upon each traveller's interests and expectations from their journey. However, whatever season you choose, Botswana will surely leave you with unforgettable memories and experiences.

Email the team at Safari Guru with your preferred destinations in Botswana, and we will share a comprehensive list of lodges and camps offering the best safari guides and services, as well as a suggested itinerary complimenting your safari journey expectations. EMAIL NOW ...

There are daily scheduled flights into both Cape Town and Johannesburg for frequent international connections.

Botswana safari itineraries complement well with Zambia or Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls or South Africa.

We have had the most amazing adventure and consider the safari component the best holiday we have ever had. You chose the best camps for us as we saw the most brilliant wildlife and met the most wonderful people. The guides were exceptional, as were all the staff, and I feel that your name opened doors for us. Within our first five minutes of being at Seba Camp, a number of staff commented on us having booked through you. They all clearly had a great deal of respect for you and had enjoyed learning from and working with you. I have attached a photo of Pointer and Kelly from Seba who were keen for us to say hi from them. We also met Auke from Chitabe and Graham from Toka Leya. They both send their regards and again were very enthusiastic when they discovered we had booked through you.

 - Sally & Kim Hebenstreit, Australia

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Chobe National Park Elephants

Chobe National Park

For those seeking an unforgettable wildlife adventure in Southern Africa, Chobe National Park is a true paradise waiting to be explored. Nestled in the northern reaches of Botswana, Chobe is a wildlife enthusiast's dream come true. Covering a sprawling 11,700 square kilometres, this renowned national park is celebrated for its incredible biodiversity and is often considered one of Southern Afri...

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Private Mobile Safaris

Experience a true Botswanan safari immersion into wildest Africa, which allows you to explore where no others have in comfort and with the privacy of your own group on your own Private Mobile Safari camp. This is an exclusive experience like no other, a safari with your own camp, guide, safari vehicle, and staff complement. Your journey into the wild is a real adventure with true flexibility an...

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Mekoro skimming through the water in Botswana
Makgadikgadi Pans Jack's Camp

Makgadikgadi Pans

Welcome to the extraordinary realm of Makgadikgadi Pans and the central Kalahari, where nature's marvels unfold in ways that are unlike anywhere else on Earth. Spanning an area roughly equivalent to Switzerland, the immense Makgadikgadi Pan was once a magnificent lake that dried up thousands of years ago, transforming into one of the largest salt flats on our planet. It is a landscape that capt...

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Okavango Delta

Mention the Okavango Delta in Botswana to any keen safari nut, like the team at Safari Guru and watch them go misty-eyed and swoon! This is one of Africa's top wildlife sanctuaries, a truly pristine and pure African wilderness. The watery wonderland offers some of the best wildlife viewing and fantastic birdlife in a myriad of rich and picturesque habitats. Furthermore, Botswana practices a hig...

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Okavango Delta Jao Camp Safari Guru

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Botswana Highlights Safari Elephant in the Okavango Delta

Botswana Highlights Safari

Welcome to Botswana, one of Africa's last pure wildernesses, where wildlife roams freely and untamed, offering an authentic safari experience. Botswana's reputation as a premium safari destination might be intimidating for first-time travellers. However, the Botswana Highlights Safari, is a meticulously crafted journey that ensures accessibility without compromising on the awe-inspiring wonders...

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Botswana Safari and Victoria Falls

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World Veterinary Association Congress Safari

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Botswana Dream Safari

Mention Botswana to any keen safari go-er and watch them go misty-eyed and swoon - this is one of Africa's top wildlife sanctuaries, a truly pristine and pure African wilderness. Botswana is home to the big 5, abundant predators, plains game and hundreds of species of animals and birds and offers the chance to spot creatures seldom seen elsewhere. Ask many safari guides and specialists if w...

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Botswana Dream Safari Chiefs Camp Mekoro Canoe Safari

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