Lions watch the savannah in Botswana

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Undoubtedly one of the premium wildlife safari destinations on the entire planet Botswana is all about luxury; exclusivity and indulgence.

Botswana comprises a few iconic safari and experiential travel locations, but none as prominent as the Okavango Delta; a World Heritage Site which was listed in June 2014.

Leopard Surveys its surrounds on the Savannah at Mombo Camp Botswana

A Botswana safari would not be complete without a trip into the iconic Okavango Delta. More specifically, if possible, the Moremi National Park at the heart of the Delta. Exploring the Delta's hidden waterways, a living ecosystem that is ever-evolving is unforgettable.

Further east, the Linyanti Concession, including the Chobe National Park located in northern Botswana, holds some of the most significant elephant populations on the planet. The Linyanti is a vast expanse of wilderness offering guests the contrast of wooded savannah safaris to perennial waterways, with abundant wildlife during the drier months. The famous Savuti channel forms a significant boundary into the Linyanti and holds tales of animals that frequent many nature documentaries.

The central area of Botswana, the vast desert of the Central Kalahari, and the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi National Park are definitely for the experiential traveller, seeking more than just a wildlife fiesta. This area is home to Botswana's wandering Khoisan people and the much-loved meerkats. The centre of Botswana is also home to some of the healthiest remaining populations of cheetah in the region.

Botswana is suitable for family travel and offers great diversity for boating, mekoro, the traditional dugout canoe, walking, and vehicle-based wildlife viewing. Many camps welcome children with open arms and have many activities aimed at your little ones designed to engage them with wildlife, nature, and the environment. 

Botswana boasts many remarkable luxury properties, ranging from the classic, authentic canvas camps to the uber-luxurious offerings, such as Mombo Camp, frequently named the world's 'Best Hotel Travel + Leisure'. The destination has also staged many wildlife documentaries, from the David Attenborough, the BBC, and the Jouberts. The most well-known is 'Eye of the Leopard', featuring the famous leopard named Legadima. While Legadima is no longer with us, her progeny are still roaming strong, and almost all Mombo visitors are rewarded with at least one interaction with her family members.

Botswana safari itineraries complement well with Zambia or Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls or South Africa. There are daily scheduled flights into both Cape Town and Johannesburg for international connections.

We have had the most amazing adventure and consider the safari component the best holiday we have ever had. You chose the best camps for us as we saw the most brilliant wildlife and met the most wonderful people. The guides were exceptional, as were all the staff, and I feel that your name opened doors for us. Within our first five minutes of being at Seba Camp, a number of staff commented on us having booked through you. They all clearly had a great deal of respect for you and had enjoyed learning from and working with you. I have attached a photo of Pointer and Kelly from Seba who were keen for us to say hi from them. We also met Auke from Chitabe and Graham from Toka Leya. They both send their regards and again were very enthusiastic when they discovered we had booked through you.

 - Sally & Kim Hebenstreit, Australia

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Mombo Camps Boutique Botswana

World #1 Hotel

One would be forgiven for questioning how a 'tented' safari camp in the middle of the Okavango Delta, in a country many have never heard of, wins best Best Hotel Travel + Leisure against big named rivals in Italy, Budapest and even the United States of America. Mombo Camp & Little Mombo Camp breaks all of the rules in your mind's eye of camping!

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Green 'Eco' Safaris

Maybe you're looking for a bit of adventure, perhaps something just a little different. Something that gets you more amongst it! We bring you eye-level with nature's own, an immersion into WILDEST Africa, on your very own private mobile safari, allowing you to explore where no others have.

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Green ‘Eco’ Safaris
Jacks Camp in the Makgadikgadi

Central Kalahari

Like nowhere else on earth! Approximately the size of Switzerland, this was once the enormous Lake Makgadikgadi which dried up thousands of years back and is now one of the most extensive salt flats on earth. It's a spectacular environment; spectacular in a harsh and sparse way, offering isolation as absolute as anywhere in Southern Africa. The Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is today a protect...

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Okavango Delta

Mention the Okavango Delta to any keen safari go-er and watch them go misty-eyed and swoon…this is one of Africa's top wildlife sanctuaries, a truly pristine and pure African wilderness. This watery wonderland offers big game viewing and fantastic birdlife in a myriad of rich and varied picturesque habitats.  

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Jao Camp Okavango Delta
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A Professional Safari Guide on a Canoe in Botswana at Sunset

Mobile Safari Botswana

  Join a unique mobile tented safari experience in Botswana's iconic wilderness areas, the Okavango Delta and the Khwai Private Reserve. This eight night safari departs Maun, Botswana on the 29th August 2022, and allows for a small group of individuals to explore these wildlife rich areas by foot, vehicle and boat with a private professional safari guide.

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