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Sober Safaris Planning Giraffe by Deon De Villiers Safari Guru

Sober Safaris

Sober safaris are for all folk seeking complete sobriety or simply choosing a no-alcohol holiday. It could be a lifestyle choice or a need for a healthier vacation without the temptation. Safari Guru has crafted our own personally inspired and hosted sober safaris. Our booze-free African adventures include tailored services, abundant activities and interests, and mindful connection with like-minded people.

We at Safari-Guru are passionate about safaris, Africa, its wildlife, conservation, and people. We firmly believe that a safari can be inspirational, life-changing and an enlivening experience. We also think the safari experience should be fun and done with your wishes placed front and centre of our minds – lifestyle included.

Contact a sober safari expert today to join in on the program, or craft a unique itinerary based on your interests and budget.


Event Safari Planning Elephant Okavango Delta by Deon De Villiers

Event Safari Planning

Whether it be for incentive travel, conferences, weddings or for major sporting events, Africa has become a popular choice of destination for events planning. Although there are cities throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa who also offer excellent facilities, Cape Town with its superb tourism, sports and business infrastructure stands out as the destination of choice for most. 

Private Safari Planners Elephant Deon De Villiers Safari Guru

Private Safari Planners

Whether you're dreaming of witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti, tracking gorillas in Rwanda, or exploring the vibrant landscapes of Botswana, every traveller is unique, and so are your safari dreams.

Welcome to the world of private safari planners, where tailor-made journeys offer ultimate adventures in the heart of Africa! Safari Guru are world-renowned safari planners specialising in African travel; your dedicated partners in crafting the safari experience of a lifetime.

Every life-changing journey begins with a dream, but ours starts with a plan.

Contact a safari expert today to craft a unique itinerary based on your interests and budget.


An African elephant at Qorowke Camp Botswana

Private Hosted Safari

Whether you're a single traveller, or prefer social to travel with like-minded and spirited individuals, you can join a personalised Private Hosted Safari. A private 'handcrafted' journey is on everyone's bucket list, yet, there does come a time when we wish for some company. Whether it be fellow travellers with similar interest, or your group of friends and family, we take Africa's unfamiliarity and turn it into hospitality.

A traveller in a Fast Private Jet

Private Jet Travel

A partnership made in heaven, Safari Guru's engagement with with Fast Private Jet aligns beneficial expertise to connect our bespoke safari itineraries seamlessly between our preferred 'hand-picked' destinations and the rest of the World, by private jet travel.