Islands of Africa

A beautiful wooden dhow sailing in Mozambique


Still an absolute favourite for South African's, yet relatively unknown to the international traveller, Mozambique offers a tropical paradise along the eastern shores of Southern Africa.

Several islands dotted off the mainland, but none quite as exciting as the Bazaruto archipelago, which includes our favourite Benguerra Island.



An Island nation...

Fish swimming in front of Miavana Piazza in Madagascar


Floating in a rich sea of blue...

Aerial View Zanzibar Beach at Zuri


This is semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, a short hop from the mainland, and is the most historic of islands, full of atmosphere, spice plantations, and beautiful beaches. Think beautiful, clear, turquoise waters, patches of reefs, miles of palm-tree fringed white sandy beaches. 

The Spice Island’s capital, Stone Town, is a historic centre and World Heritage Site. Rich in history and culture, this jewel of an island capital consists of crumbling palaces, cobbled, tiny winding streets lined with traders and mosques giving the muezzins’ call to prayer at daybreak.

Stone Town is a fascinating true Swahili assault on the senses.

The north of Unguja / Zanzibar is its most lively location near the ramshackle fishing villages of Nungwi and Kendwa, steeped in tradition and nautical heritage and once the centre of the making of local fishing boats, or Dhows.

Zanzibar, while well-known, is not tourist saturated, and although tidal, offers stunning beaches for those that savour this idyllic Indian Ocean archipelago; some more notable than others... "If I'd been a Victorian explorer, I'd have thought, Sod it, I'll stay here" ~ Jeremy Clarkson on Zanzibar, which he further described, as having history and soul!

Zanzibar is a fantastic honeymoon or family vacation destination and a great end to a safari on the mainland.  There is plenty to do in Zanzibar, from spice tours to forest tours, snorkelling, or diving, with both Pemba Island and Mafia Island further being particularly good for diving. The latter being famous for the abundance of whale sharks passing through from October to March.