Gorilla Trekking Gear – The Essential Packing List

Gorilla Trekking Gear – The Essential Packing List

Trekking gorillas, in our opinion, concluded over thousands of African safari hours, is an experience like none other. When safari consultants loosely throw around the words of life-changing experiences, I think this one was at the forefront of their minds’ eyes. Embarking on your first gorilla trekking adventure in Rwanda is an exciting endeavour, but […]

Why use an Africa Safari Travel Specialist

Why use an Africa Safari Travel Specialist Travellers in Sapi Reserve

Planning an African safari is an exciting endeavour that promises extraordinary wildlife encounters, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. When organising your safari, you may consider booking directly with safari lodges or opting for the expertise of a safari specialist tour operator.  A frequently asked question with the Safari Guru team is, “Why use an Africa […]

6 Tips for Booking a Safari

6 Tips for Booking a Safari - Leopard at Mombo Camp Botswana by Deon De Villiers

Are you a traveller yearning for an exhilarating journey through untamed landscapes and close encounters with majestic wildlife?  Look no further as we share our 6 Tips for Booking a Safari, which will assist you with planning the perfect safari experience.  Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or embarking on your first safari, we have curated […]

Private Jet Charter Safaris

Private Jet Charter Safaris plane with Deon De Villiers

Are Private Jet Charter Safaris a viable option now with commercial airlines back on track servicing much of the world. More specifically, as African Safari Travel Specialists, the continent of Africa is open for visitors and tourists happily visit our top destinations for private and small group safaris. Indeed, more and more commercial routes and […]

Visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe view of the waterfall from above

Safari Guru, Suse Lock, has been enjoying the Zimbabwean sunshine! The first stop was to visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, a popular spot for Safari Guru travellers wishing to experience this culturally rich town and safari hub; which just happens to be one of Suse’s all-time favourite holiday destinations. The Victoria Falls is, no doubt, a […]

Planning the Perfect Safari

Planning the Perfect Safari Guests at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp in Kenya

A safari is one of the best eye-opening, rewarding, inspirational and refreshing vacations you can take, but planning the perfect safari experience can be challenging. Don’t be mistaken; there is no ‘one safari fits all’, do not think by seeing the pictures of fantastic wildlife or gorgeous lodging, the advertised adventure will magically fit your […]

Choosing Luxury Safari Lodges!

Choosing Luxury Safari Lodges Singita Ebony Lodge

Choosing a luxury safari camp is not child’s play; it’s big Dollars, and a wrong decision can not only hurt the savings but also drive resentment between family members or friends.