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Your dream is to go to Africa; it’s a significant investment of time and money for most. Based upon real-life experience and first-hand knowledge of the African continent we create bespoke journeys for those looking for “travel with purpose”, individual and family safaris that offer peace of mind, body and soul in remarkable destinations. We take time to plan your trip and as African travel specialists, we have substantial working knowledge of safaris and wildlife reserves and countries on the African continent. This is all critical to your holiday’s success.

Our tailored itineraries ensure smooth, hassle-free travel. We iron out the complicated and only offer what we have personally experienced or proven to be safe, excellent and well-thought-out through our network of trade partners and industry experts – many of whom are personal friends and ex-colleagues.

It is the little things and substantial knowledge we bring to the table; those will make your travels, comfortable, enjoyable and spectacularly memorable every time.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge about the continent we love and enabling our clients to experience the best of it. We aim to not only create fabulous, cost-effective bespoke itineraries but to make every part of your journey, including the planning, both seamless and fun.

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"The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally"

Dalai Lama

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We are passionate about Africa; its people and wildlife and driven to ensure your trip will exceed expectations. We have over thirty years of experience in managing, guiding and travelling to high-end luxury safari camps in remote locations. We have travelled and continue to visit the continent extensively, and regularly to bring our knowledge and excitement to all of our bespoke itineraries.


As well as the passion and knowledge we bring, we are specialists in bespoke journeys, for those looking for escapism, adventure, travel with purpose or for inspiration and/or family safaris that offer peace of mind, body and soul in remarkable destinations. We use camps, owners and operators who actively adopt sustainable practices to protect community, land and the natural world. You won’t pay more to use our services and have our personal connections and knowledge at hand throughout your journey.


All of our safari itineraries are pieced together based upon our extensive real-life experience and first-hand knowledge of the very best camps, attentive owners and sustainable operators whom we know and trust to provide a dream trip based on your intimate desires. Together with our meticulous planning, you can be sure your trip will match and exceed your wants and desires.

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If you’re dreaming of Africa, your journey has already begun!

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