Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari

Where do you send multi-repeat travellers who have taken safaris in Africa over a dozen times? Botswana and Zimbabwe naturally, and they loved every minute of it – here’s why…

This amazing Botswana and Zimbabwe safari itinerary started at Dukes Camp in the northern area of the Okavango Delta, where guests were treated to loads of notable wildlife sightings, including several leopards, Cape buffalo, lions and a cheetah that hadn’t been seen in 10 months. And under special arrangement visited a lion research project, ‘Pride in Our Prides’, under US registered nonprofit CLAWS Conservancy. CLAWS employs a 3-pronged approach to mitigate the wildlife/human conflict in Botswana. When farmers lose their cattle to lion attack they retaliate by killing lions, often using indiscriminate poison. **More about ‘Pride in Our Prides’ below…

Duke’s Camp is a striking new safari destination set on a vast concession rich in game and natural beauty, and it lies waiting to be discovered.

Pitched on raised wooden decks beneath a canopy of ebony and leadwood trees, the luxurious safari tents offer an unforgettable under-canvas adventure amid this remarkable World Heritage Site. With expert guides honed in the bushcraft and lore of the Delta, there are few better ways to discover this wild landscape.

Leopard Dukes Camp Botswana by Safari Guru Traveler
Safari Guru Traveller Image ~ The elusive Okavango Delta leopard

The second stop was right in the heart of the Delta on Chiefs Island; once a famed private hunting ground for Chief Moremi, it is known for some of the densest wildlife populations and predators in all of Africa. Chief’s Camp offered our travellers a luxurious yet, unpretentious safari and accommodations, and the wildlife sightings sure lived up to their expectations. Some highlights included a private champagne stop on the Delta’s edge, which was interrupted by nearby cheetah sightings.

Chief’s Camp offers sophisticated accommodations with natural hues and materials that complement the charismatic scenery and the first-class dining and wines, regularly earning accolades among the world’s top safari destinations from renowned judges such as Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure.

Elephant Linkwasha Camp Zimbabwe by Safari Guru Traveler
Safari Guru Traveller Image ~ Capturing special elephant images from the sunken hide

Next, our lucky travellers flew via Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to their next stop, Linkwasha Camp in the Hwange National Park! This destination is known as one of Zimbabwe’s premier lodges, and the park offers some of Zimbabwe’s highest populations of elephants, especially as the sun sets, which is when they’re all attracted to the vital water points strategically located within the reserve. At Linkwasha, they met up with an old friend and enjoyed true hospitality from the friendly Wilderness Destinations personnel, who manage the camp’s operations.

Linkwasha Camp overlooks the perfect vista; the fresh, open and airy design is complemented by an eclectic mix of contemporary interiors and Ndebele culture, with safari’s original spirit and essence.

Linkwasha is situated in a private concession in the south-eastern corner, which is considered one of the best locations in Hwange National Park — found near the famed Ngamo Plains, where wildlife and fantastic birdlife gather in numbers during summer.

The viewing from the camp itself can make some days hard to leave for safari activities, as Linkwasha; and its sunken hide overlooks a pan that is a magnet for game seeking to quench its thirst in the midday heat.

Eight sumptuous en-suite tents and one family unit offer incredible views overlooking the scenic plain. The main area includes various multi-level decks, amongst them, a cosy library complete with a fireplace and shaded salas surrounding an inviting pool.

Safari Guru Travelers enjoy an elephant feeding nearby while having dinner
Safari Guru Traveller Image ~ Dinner at Linkwasha Camp is always and exciting affair with numerous night time visitors

The feedback from our travellers which says it all; “It’s absolutely the Best! What an amazing place. Saw a cheetah kill (without actually seeing it all, which was good :). Mishy is so dear, and our time together went way too fast! Heading home today. Home tomorrow:). Fabulous trip!!”

Contact Safari Guru to find out more about what we can do for your customised holiday planning, and Zimbabwe and Botswana safaris 2023. We will happily share Zimbabwe and Botswana safari packages prices, and over 60 years of insider knowledge, on-the-ground safari experience, and overwhelming enthusiasm to create your dream itinerary, leaving you to focus on the journey and make your trip unforgettable.

Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari

Learn more about Botswana Safari Requirements and Zimbabwe Safari Requirements

**’Pride in Our pride’, under US registered nonprofit CLAWS Conservancy operates in Northern Botswana, where lions have been prosecuted for generations in retaliation for community-owned livestock killing.

CLAWS decided to take a compassionate approach to help livestock farmers prosper and lions thrive through Technology and Tradition.

1.). Took photos of the lions and presented them to the community for a naming ceremony to make a personal connection with “their lions”.

2.). Darted the lions and put on amazing, satellite collars that notify farmers when lions approach so that they can take preventative action against lion attacks on livestock. 

3.). Understood that the cattle were no longer being herded and therefore very vulnerable to lions. CLAWS hired and trained professional herders from the community and invited farmers to join the communal herd. By raising cattle in a Wildlife Friendly way, farmers receive protection from predators, assistance with illnesses and better market access for higher payouts.

The farmers no longer feel the need to poison lions.  An extraordinary win win.

We at Safari Guru support CLAWS and their mission that benefits the villagers around our lodges and the wildlife that is so vital to protect for generations to come.  

Learn more at:




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"Khama Rhino Sanctuary is difficult to get to and get from. Safari Guru was able to arrange for transportation to Maun that was comfortable, safe and the drivers were accommodating about rest stops. The driver’s were on time and cordial. We could not have arranged all of this on our own, and every request we made to Safari Guru was met and exceeded."

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"Safari Guru made it possible for us to accomplish every goal we had. Getting the flights arranged for inside Africa was so helpful. Maun lodge was a perfect place to entertain guests. The staff there set a special table for us and made a “reserved sign” with our name on it. We changed the number of people coming 3 times. It allowed us to meet with Catja from CLAWS for hours of talk plus see dear friends. Duke’s Camp was lovely. It was where we needed to be in order to do our CLAWS visit. Communicating with Duke’s to make sure we had the private vehicle and a way to Eretsha was vital. Chief’s was great luxury and wonderful sightings. Linkwasha was exceptional! The lodge itself a delight with the water hole and hide right there. But the Hwange park is crazy! You drive to this open area and watch 16 lions laying around with every game you can imagine. Then you watch cheetah hunt and provide a baby impala for her two cubs. You watch the lions hunt and miss. It’s outstanding! Would go back there in a minute."

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  1. Me & wife is interested in taking a 6-8 days Botswana & Zimbabwe safari expedition sometime in mid September or early October 2023. Can you work out a itinerary for us. We would prefer to stay in comfortable & luxury accommodations plus the experience to see all big 5. Thank you.

  2. We are happy to share our ideas for Botswana and Zimbabwe, and will email you shortly. Safari Guru

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