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Private Jet Charter Safaris

Are Private Jet Charter Safaris a viable option now with commercial airlines back on track servicing much of the world. More specifically, as African Safari Travel Specialists, the continent of Africa is open for visitors and tourists happily visit our top destinations for private and small group safaris. Indeed, more and more commercial routes and more scheduled charters (private planes on designated routes and times) are opening up to get the pent-up demand in travellers out for their long-awaited luxury safari vacation as speedily and efficiently as possible. 

Why Private Jet Charter Safaris are Still Viable?

Yet, here at Safari Guru, we’re also often asked about Private Jet Charter Safaris for the ultimate flying safari holiday. The most frequent question is, ‘is a private jet a good option for our safari?’ While some of these questions are down to the travellers’ budget and the complexity of their safari itinerary, it is possible to connect safari destinations by private jet when utilising a network of smaller charter planes or helicopters for the local bush-based flying.

Last-minute private jets or faster turbo-prop aircraft are also possible when commercial airlines cancel their international legs, leaving you stranded just before or during your dream holiday. 

Naturally, Safari Guru can advise on the best private jet charter companies offering global services and what are the best options to get our travellers into the bush or remote islands for beach breaks. But vitally, you need (or want) to be somewhere, and you want to be there now, and what are your options and how do you weigh up the cost versus the benefit? 

Immediacy and simplicity are why private jet clients indulge in last-minute bookings to get you on your private hosted safari or family safari. We can assist you with these last-minute private jet bookings and arrangements, including personal services from aircraft to ground support and specialist services for those with mobility challenges. 

A Private Jet Charter Safaris may be a perfect solution if your African adventure is a last-minute holiday booking, particularly if your destination is a little off the beaten track. It’s also the quickest and easiest way to tie multiple countries into a single itinerary, like Safari Guru’s private Villa Experience, connecting Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Other great itineraries that connect well with private flying are Safari Guru’s Diverse Africa flying safari ideas! Our Predator Safari connects and combines Tanzania’s Serengeti with the newly built DumaTau Camp in Botswana and the Sabi Sands in South Africa, or our Landscapes to Seascapes itinerary, which includes Angama Mara in Kenya with Matetsi in Victoria Falls with a beautiful villa in Mozambique!

You are assured that your flights are booked to your schedule, and mostly avoid to schedule delays of commercial airline carriers. We’ll transport you to and from the VIP departure and arrival terminals with your baggage loaded and offloaded quickly and efficiently as you travel privately with the utmost care for your choice of onboard services – not to forget fewer baggage restrictions which can be daunting for many multi-destination safari travellers!

How Quickly Can I Book My Private Jet Charter to go on safari?

The booking process takes little to no time; we work with a number of private jet charter companies that have planes on the tarmac, ready to go. Simply state your destination, give us your passport and visa information, and we will do the rest. “The rest” includes organising vital and desired facilities before and during the flight, such as onboard catering, airport transportation with special assistance items like wheelchairs, and lounge access. Your immigration and customs process is seamless on arrival, with as much done in flight or on arrival in the VIP lounge! 

How soon can I fly on an exclusive African safari?

If speed is a necessity, it may well be possible to get you up in the air within a matter of hours. However, it is as well to be aware of the following factors.

Might you be flying across multiple countries/airspaces? Remember, each airspace requires the necessary permissions for the chartered jet to enter and pass through, even if it is only en route and not the final destination. This is typically fast but may take up to 72 hours, according to the necessary country’s requirements and the availability of the chosen flight path. 

Weather changes, including other natural events, and airport operating times still apply to private jets. Still, private charter companies are in-tune with these and certainly on the ball in offering and communicating alternative solutions.

International aviation regulations apply to private jets, understandably limiting the number of flight hours for pilots and crew. For longer-haul flights, advance notification can be required to staff the plane and ensure your flight is as enjoyable as possible. You can always request a Safari Guru personal host; we generally add unmeasurable value with our private hosted journeys.

Although short notice flights are not typically a problem – a few days in advance helps avoid any delays or disappointment. We advise all our clients to book as early as possible so that your private experience is smooth and enjoyable. 

For more information on private luxury African safari flying, do not hesitate to contact us.

See you in the sky!


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