Visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe view of the waterfall from above

Safari Guru, Suse Lock, has been enjoying the Zimbabwean sunshine! The first stop was to visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, a popular spot for Safari Guru travellers wishing to experience this culturally rich town and safari hub; which just happens to be one of Suse’s all-time favourite holiday destinations. The Victoria Falls is, no doubt, a bucket list destination, whether you are seeking romance on honeymoon or an anniversary, travelling solo or with friends or family seeking adventure. The Falls has it! The Victoria Falls are one of the world’s most famous and arguably most beautiful, jaw-dropping waterfalls.

Safari Guru will tailor-make your ultimate safari holiday starting or ending with the Falls. It is an ideal starting point as a launch pad to various drool-worthy safari destinations and a fantastic, pampering, and interesting end to a rewarding time in the Bush. 

The Falls themselves form the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe with its quaint and authentic little town of the same name, Victoria Falls. The magnificent falls  can be visited from either country – an easy direct flight from some European countries or South Africa.

Our advice, upon entry to either Zimbabwe or Zambia, is to get the KAZA UNIVISA. This will allow you and your party to enter both countries as often as you wish for 30 days and give one entry to Botswana. This way, you can experience the majestic majesty of the Falls from the Zimbabwean side as the Zambezi crashes off the basalt cliffs forming the gigantic drop-off, where the Zambezi tumbles 100m down into a gorge. Then you can experience the mist and drama from the Zambian side and stand literally at the edge of a small island named Livingstone Island, which sits atop the ridge of the falls in the Zambezi on the Zambian side.

The KAZA multi-visit Zim/Zam visa is also cheaper for most of us (as a visa’s cost is dependent on nationality), and we can sometimes assist our travellers with obtaining it in advance to save dealing with cash at the border. An important side note – we’ll give you additional specific information on documents that you will need if you are travelling with children. 

Speaking of cash, we recommend obtaining USD in advance of getting to Zimbabwe or Zambia. Getting dollars, particularly in Zimbabwe, can be tricky. Although ZAR (South Africa’s currency, referred to as Rand), Euros and Pounds are accepted, access to the electronic payment systems can be patchy, and the exchange rate isn’t always great. You can obtain USD dollars from an ATM in Zimbabwe; typically, transactions are limited to $140 per use (with a daily limit set by your home bank). We recommend going for $80 per transaction so that the machine gives you 20 dollar bills, which are ideal for tips, rather than spitting out a $100 bill for you!

Once you are at the Falls – on either side – plenty of activities and views await… from the relaxed sunset and sundowner cruise enjoying a cold drink on the Zambezi to experiencing the Falls from the air by microlight or helicopter or adrenalin activities such as bungee jumping or white-water rafting. The Falls are also a place to experience a safari; either side has national parks which have a myriad of animals, either whetting your appetite for what’s to come when starting your adventure or if you haven’t had enough should you be at your journey’s end.

Plenty of accommodation options are available, from the romantic, all-inclusive luxury of Matetsi and Victoria Falls River Lodge, to comfortable hotels which give you flexibility to explore on your own – such as the Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel or the Victoria Falls Hotel in town. We know the Falls and the activities and properties, and we’ll steer you to the best option to suit your needs. We know the Falls and the activities and properties, and we’ll steer you to the best option to suit your needs. 

Not that Victoria Falls is the deciding factor when planning your well-deserved vacation, but the best time to visit Victoria Falls is when the water has a strong flow. High water is generally May and June timeframe, with low water being September to November, but this is a year-round destination. Although the Falls are a spectacular experience at high water, the sheer amount of water and its spray often obscures the waterfall, making it difficult to see and photograph. Each time of the year has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is a magnificent sight at any time of the year.

Another Great Reason to Visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls is a wonderful start or finish to any safari in Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia or an add-on to the Kruger National Park or Cape Town, South Africa with a direct scheduled flight from either airport!

A sample safari itinerary including Victoria Falls, Cape Town and the Kruger National Park; as well as a house boat on the Zambezi River and an island getaway in Mozambique… Learn More


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