Planning the Perfect Safari Elephants in in Kenya at Singita Grumeti

Planning the Perfect Safari

A safari is one of the best eye-opening, rewarding, inspirational and refreshing vacations you can take. Be it going alone, with a likeminded group of friends as a couple or you’re travelling with family. But planning the perfect safari experience can be challenging. Don’t be mistaken there is no ‘one safari fits all’, do not think by seeing the pictures of amazing wildlife or gorgeous lodging the advertised adventure will fit your bill in any way. There are so many nuances to Southern Africa and Eastern Africa, which can affect safari planning, the weather, the migratory patterns of species, the placing of lodges, the activities available and that’s before we even begin to mention the logistics on the ground.

Take advice from a well-worn safari professional, somebody who already knows how to plan a safari, and somebody who can share tips for planning an African safari, and of course, best way to do a safari and creating a safari itinerary. One who knows the many places and offerings available to be able to recommend you to what will suit you and your travelling party and needs. Having a real-life person to talk to and to walk you through each step, from the introductory conversation about the ages and interests of your group, to your specific wants and needs, through to suggesting (or improving upon) your safari route and destination and planning right down to the last details, is a great comfort and exciting part of the process.

We are such safari experts, passionate about Africa and dedicated to working with, and for you, to create your ultimate safari and holiday experience. We will listen to you and guide your ideas, offer solid advice about areas, parks, reserves and particular accommodation types. 

When dealing with a safari in Africa handing your trust to someone in the know will ensure your safari planning is smooth and efficient and you’ll get the holiday of a lifetime. Further, if something does go wrong – we’ll be here to help you each step of the way. 

Here are some key reasons to book with us planning the perfect safari:

Concierge-Style Travel Enjoyable Planning

Whether traveling solo or in a group of 10 or more, creating your safari experience with us will make you feel like a VIP. You are special to us and we will work with you to ensure everything goes to plan and better; from the time you start planning until your return home. Your safari expert will work with and for you. We aim to make the planning fun, easy and exciting. Listening to your dream holiday wishes and possibly expanding upon them with you to create the ultimate safari experience for you and your fellow travellers. If you want the intricate details we shall give them, if you are happy just knowing we have an excellent attention to detail and are just happy knowing that you are in excellent hands at all times then just leave it to us. There are many options out there when it comes to safari destinations and accommodation styles, so having someone personalize the experience is priceless.

Get Genuine ‘from the Field and Bush’ Knowledge 

We don’t just know Africa and all of the countries we are selling. We know the camps and areas intimately and have lived and breathed this we know out partners on the ground, many of whom are friends with whom we have had long relationships. We know everywhere we might send you incredibly well. We gladly impart our knowledge and give advice. Rest assured that we steer you in the right direction. We don’t do cutter cutter trips or sell according to discounts we’ll offer what is right for you.

Your overall safari and/or beach add-on experience will be relevant, authentic and will benefit you and the local communities in which we operate. Our information, great tips, and little touches, unique ideas and must-do activities will genuinely enhance your overall experience. We get paid by our suppliers – not by you – which means you pay no more, and often times substantially less than from booking directly on the internet or booking ready-made trips from people who won’t use any time getting to know you and your needs and desires. There really is no reason not to consider this route when planning your safari.

Rely on your us as your Safari Planner from Start to Finish

You will have one, or even two of us as your point-of-contact when it comes to planning and booking your trip of a lifetime. We will handle your whole trip. From expertly discussing your flight routing, to booking and organising your accommodation, activities, and in Africa ground transportation – not to mention suggesting any other services you may not have even thought about or known possible. One key contact for your safari and your  “go-to” person for any assistance before and during your adventure; can rest assured a safari expert is by your side all the way whilst creating this incredible adventure.

Receive Up-to-Date Information

Communication is key in all aspects of our lives. This no less true when planning and undertaking your safari of a lifetime. We are in the know all the time updating you and those on the ground of any needs you have or of any trip changes due to issues or problems in destinations or transportation. All of our travellers will get a comprehensive guide, packing tips and a list of dos and don’ts, plus general information on the destination, its culture, and important must-knows and we’re on hand to answer any sensitive or other questions.

All our tips, policies and suggestions will ease your way, enhance your experience and give you extra peace of mind on the entire booking process, outlining procedures such as visas, vaccinations, and, at this time of exploration, information on Covid-19 PCR testing and rules.

Have Solid, Quick Assistance on the Ground

Exploring parts of Africa, going off the beaten track or on safari is exciting, but facing the unknown can be a little daunting, overwhelming even. So having hands-on the ground assistance all times cannot be underestimated for peace of mind and for your smooth sailing vacation. 

As safari experts, we work with incredible, efficient, and dedicated people in each destination in which we offer holidays. These are people we know first-hand and trust. Our ground people will be there as a first point of contact at any time during your adventure – with us available at any time. 

Whether travelling with a private guide, or not, we ensure that before you arrive these teams know all about you, your trip and your travel wishes and requirements, and are available any time of the day. 

Don’t take our word for it – here is what Safari Guru travellers have to say:

Penn State University travel group; “On the last evening in Rekero by the campfire, our group gave me a lot of credit and thanks for the events, camps, experiences, etc. that were part of our adventure, but it is because of your work and planning that our trip turned out so well.  On behalf of all 14 of our PSU (fun friends) Group: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  We are also so very grateful that you were able to join us and share the experience with us.”


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Planning the Perfect Safari Elephants in in Kenya at Singita Grumeti

Planning the Perfect Safari

A safari is one of the best eye-opening, rewarding, inspirational and refreshing vacations you can take. Be it going alone, with a likeminded group of

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