Namibia the Land of Stark Contrasts

Namibia the Land of Stark Contrasts

A voyeurs world of landscape porn!

I have always heard that Namibia the land of stark contrasts, offers a breathtaking connection to ones soul. Whilst driving through it now, I believe that this just doesn’t give enough description to what it truly is like to travel through a country that continuously takes your breath away, and after it has taken your breath, it etches vistas into your  mind that you will never forget. It just gives so much more than that.

Whether you drive or fly, you witness landscapes and panoramas that are vast, vivid and perfectly contrasted so as to accentuate all the glorious colours and textures. It is the literal version of landscape porn.

Namibia the Land of Stark Contrasts

However, it is abundantly clear that you don’t truly travel to Namibia if you are wanting a large amount of game viewing. But – you will get to see animals that have adapted themselves amazingly well to completely inhospitable environments. For this reason, the game viewing really is rewarding. Whether you see the boldly marked Oryx as he trundles through the heavy desert sands in scorching temperatures, specially cooling only his most sensitive organ – the brain, and thus staying alive; or maybe the shovel snouted Lizard as it dances from foot to foot, to avoid being burned, eventually diving snout first to burrow into the cooler lower-depth sand.

Perhaps you are extremely privileged to witness the incredibly gentle desert adapted Elephants as they carefully snap leaves and branches off trees – with the knowledge and experience that has been passed down through generations of these massive creatures- knowing that they have to conserve the plant life if they are to survive. Each time you see an animal, you feel a true sense of achievement and pleasure because the sighting has not come easily.

There is a common phrase that goes along the line of “the bush bug has bitten you”, which refers to that fact that most people who visit the bush are inevitably drawn back again – possibly due to a deep seated sense of being connected to nature.

Namibia the Land of Stark Contrasts Oryx

Namibia gives this incredible connection to nature, yet gives more. Each vista, each starkly contrasted animal allowed for true inflection and reflection, and not only did I manage to connect with nature – but ultimately I connected with myself.

Namibia the Land of Stark Contrasts

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