Choosing Luxury Safari Lodges Singita Ebony Lodge

Choosing Luxury Safari Lodges!

Choosing a luxury safari camp is not child's play; it's big Dollars, and a wrong decision can not only hurt the savings but also drive resentment between family members or friends.

Choosing luxury safari Lodges is not child’s play; it’s big Dollars, and a wrong decision can not only hurt the savings but also drive resentment between family members or friends. I have managed high-end African safari camps for nearly fifteen years, and I have seen this on numerous occasions, even to the point where one party wanted to check out!

It doesn’t only boil down to the service of the camp, or the offering on the day, but rather from the initial time of planning your itinerary. Does every member of the party unilaterally agree that you are making the right decision? Is there a general sense of value for money? Are your connections allowing you time to move freely and travel stress-free? I personally prefer checking in at least two full hours before departure, yet, some of my travel companions systematically seem to reach check-in with only minutes to spare!

The list of possibilities are endless when dealing with high-end travel, yet vacations should primarily de-clutter one’s busy mind and promote freedom, and a sense of peace and calm as you prepare to take in the sights, smells and sounds of your chosen destination.

Some leave it to Lady Luck as they entrust the facts laid before them; often styled by a recent graduate in web design or copywriting in some fast-developing country! Others, driven by lengthy research of travel and hospitality advisory sites, which unfortunately can also be open to manipulation of discounts and over-extended offerings to achieve the best ratings.

More often than not, your choice will deliver ‘good’ results as a cloud of euphoria descends upon most holiday travellers, especially as they realize their long-awaited journey has just begun. Let’s face it; vacation travel is a lot more fun than that of business, but the stakes do rise when the discerned of the party confront their expectations versus the holiday reality.

The goal of the experienced and reputable tour operator is to manage expectations according to demanding and sometimes limiting budgets, yet still, deliver successfully upon an overall experience to keep every member of the party content and immersed in the total offering. It is this, allowing them to return fulfilled with meaningful memories and a replenished mind, body and soul, while joyfully recommending the destination to all that will stand still long enough to listen!

Leading tour operators are those that have mostly experienced for themselves the majority of products they promote and have first-hand knowledge to ensure expectations are managed from the very start, and without compromise. Leading tour operators also have direct lines and trusted relationships with key individuals where it matters to rectify unforeseen issues; thus, never leaving guests feeling stranded when they need service the most.

In our world, Lady Luck has nothing to do with organizing top class holidays, except for a ‘little’ assistance, in seeing some of Africa’s most sought after and high-ticket safari favourites, like leopard, lion and wild dog – but even these sightings will have better probability when engaged with ‘safari specialists’ who have their finger on the African pulse!

If you’re planning a safari in the coming months or years, be sure to engage with an African travel specialist who is passionate, dedicated and excited for the journeys they talk; and one who can share first-hand of how you will get the most out of your long-awaited experience!

Safari Guru is a small team of African safari specialists, offering expert travel ideas, insiders’ knowledge and overwhelming enthusiasm while arranging your safari at no extra cost to you. We’ll probably save you money as we set about our mission of canvassing a trusted network of bespoke safari operators to create your trip of a lifetime.

Contact us for more information on your safari options; and if we can’t help, we will surely know someone who can.


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