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Africa, MY Soul-Enriching Destination…

There is no way to truly point out a single thing that creates the most overwhelming feeling of my soul being awakened when visiting Africa.

There is no way to truly point out a single thing that creates the most overwhelming feeling of my soul being awakened when visiting Africa. Perhaps it’s the colourful breakfast on a terrace with the chorus of “Hallelujah” ringing captivatingly over the misty treetops, or maybe it’s the first magical site of snow-capped Kilimanjaro pushing her way through the cloud cover. Perhaps it can be attributed to the smaller creatures, such as the cream-striped owl moth that flutters past me as I get off my international flight.

If it is just a single thing, or a combination of the most overwhelming experiences, there is no doubt that AFRICA will always provide the most mind-blowing, soul awakening, sensory overloaded experiences in the world. It doesn’t matter where in Africa, the feeling remains the same.

giraffe tarangire tanzania safari guru

For some, a visit to Africa would be their first, yet for me, it was a homecoming. A homecoming for my love affair of the great outdoors, complimented with untarnished culture, spiritually enriching moments and great life-changing experiences.

I might have chosen to live in first-world Australia for a variety of reasons, but a large piece of me always ignites when I share stories of Africa or allow her precious and enriched soils to dust my feet. Today was no different, as I kicked off on a two-week epic safari itinerary into some of Tanzania’s most incredible and well-known wildlife destinations. With an extra beat, my heart and soul were content as I set forth on my journey…

Picture experiencing magnificent herds of elephant and giraffe crossing the road in front of you, or walking on the ridge of an ancient volcano whose crater holds one of the wealthiest wildlife densities on earth. Shake hands with a Masai warrior who’s bloodied knife carries stories even too far-fetched for fiction novels, or seeing pint-sized children single-handedly take care and control of their families wealth in the form of cattle. This is Africa, and her cultural wealth is so abundant that even a lifetime of travel would only scratch the surface. A continent with stories hidden deep in the sand, and with tradition passed down only by the flickering of the evening flames.

maasai man ngorongoro safari guru

This is the land where it all began and still, today holds life’s gems in the palm of her hand. Africa, MY soul-enriching destination.

Luckily, with today’s travel experts and fine-tuned connections and logistics, you are whisked into the right place at the right time for your extreme viewing pleasure, and sensory overloading experiences with minimal fuss or effort required. Africa has become a whole lot easier, and thus even more rewarding for so many more families and friends enjoying what she has to offer.

Let me help you ignite your passion by experiencing the best Africa has to offer; through a tailor-made journey specifically designed for you are your family. A journey guaranteed to ignite your soul and evoke your sensors!


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“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”

-John Hemingway

If you’re dreaming of Africa, your journey has already began!

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